All Trophies And Achievements In Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

You’ll definitely have your plate full already with proving your innocence as you play through Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, but achievement or trophy hunters will be happy to know the game comes with 37 trophies or achievements. Whether it’s related to romance, your decisions, or the outcomes of the game, you’ll earn several each playthrough.



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And while you’ll definitely need to play more than once to get all Stray Gods achievements or trophies, the endeavor is well worth it! In this guide, we list every trophy in Stray Gods, and offer additional info on how to get each achievement.

This guide contains major spoilers for Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.

Tips For Getting All Achievements And Trophies

A quick scroll through the table below will make one thing pretty clear off the bat – most of the achievements and trophies require multiple playthroughs to unlock.

This is because you’ll often find them related to major decisions you make throughout the game, things that truly can only go one way or another. For instance, you’ll earn trophies for siding with one character, but another, second achievement for siding with a different character in the same scene.

This is because so many of your decisions matter to the outcome you see in Stray Gods. You’ll know when your most major decisions are being made when you see a «?!» symbol in the center of Grace’s choices during impactful scenes.

There are achievements for seeing different endings, choosing different alliances, falling in love with different characters, and more.

The game begs for replays anyway, so expect to play through Stray Gods a few times to earn every achievement or trophy.

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All Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical Achievements And Trophies

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In the table below, we’ve outlined all 37 achievements and trophies you can earn in Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, and have provided additional help on how to unlock them.

Every Trophy And Achievement In Stray Gods

Achievement/Trophy Name


Scene or Song


Act One

End of the Road

Inherited the legacy of the Last Muse

Calliope passing on her Eidolon at Grace and Freddie’s apartment

Go with Hermes to meet with The Chorus when they arrive to bring you (you can ask them any questions first)

My Time to Shine

You can handle this on your own

Pan comes to Grace and Freddie’s apartment.

(«I Can Help You»)

Choose to go this alone, picking neither Freddie nor Pan as a helper.

Not A Lost Girl

Decided to stick with your bestie

Choose Freddie over Pan at the end of the song when deciding on a helper.

The Choice Is Yours

Decided to trust Pan has your best interests at heart.

Choose Pan over Freddie at the end of the song when deciding on a helper.

God of the Sun

Remained at Apollo’s side.

Apollo or Persephone

(«Old Wounds»)

Choose to go with Apollo after the fight he has with Persephone at Underworld.

Queen Without a Throne

Threw your lot in with Persephone

Choose to stay with Persephone after the fight she has with Apollo at Underworld.

The Deep End

Finished Act One

Complete every scene in Act One and transition into Act Two

Act Two

All the Help You Need

Broke the cycle of rebirth and convinced Aphrodite to live.

Aphrodite’s Party

«Lost in a Song»

Successfully convince Aphrodite that her friends will be there for her and get her to call off her ritual.

Lost in a Song

You honoured Aphrodite’s decision and let her find peace.

Allow Aphrodite to go through with her ritual and sing her to sleep.

Meant to Be

Love blossomed in the unlikeliest of places

Pan’s Favor at The Reliquary

Successfully help the Minotaur confess his love to Hecate.

Arrow of Eros Undone

There’s hope for him yet.

Asterion does not end up with Hecate after his confession.

Like Heroes Before You

Channeled your inner Perseus and defeated the Gorgon.

Medusa’s Lair

«Look Into Me»

Survive Medusa’s Lair.

Not Taking Any Chances

You can’t trust someone who tried to eat you.

Athena’s Office

Tell Athena that Medusa has been attacking and eating Idols.

This Hell Is Mine

You decided to take the throne for yourself.

Hades Throne Room, deciding who gets the Throne of Hades.

Choose to have Grace overtake the Throne of Hades.

The Queen of the Dead

Persephone finally claimed the Throne.

Give Persephone the Throne of Hades.

The King of Hell

Allowed Orpheus to remain on the Throne.

Give Orpheus the Throne of Hades.

Saying Goodbye

Made the difficult decision to let someone go.

Hades, after the Throne has been decided.

Say goodbye to Freddie and return to the mortal world yourself.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

You just couldn’t let her go.

Offer your soul in exchange for Freddie’s.

Across The Styx

Finished Act Two

Survive Act Two and get ready for your trial.

Act Three

Talk to the Hand

They had it coming.

Grace’s Trial

Punch Athena in the face for what she’s put everyone through.

The High Road

Forgive but don’t forget.

Choose to forgive Athena for her role in everything.

Brand New Chorus

They can no longer be trusted to lead.

Oust the current chorus.

The Muse’s Encore

Finished Act Three.

Act Three, Two Months Later

See the story through to the end of the game.

Everything Has Changed

You’ll always have your friends.


Finish the story without having entered a romantic relationship.

The Answer Is You

Found love with Apollo.

Successfully romance Apollo throughout the game, and end up with him in the final song of Act Three.

Share This Dance

Fell in love with Pan.

Successfully romance Pan throughout the game, and end up with him in the final song of Act Three.

Together, Victorious

Melted Persephone’s icy heart.

Successfully romance Persephone throughout the game, and end up with her in the final song of Act Three.

Brave On Time

Returned Freddie’s feelings.

Successfully romance Freddie throughout the game, and end up with her in the final song of Act Three.


When push comes to shove, you shove back.

Finish the game having chosen the Kickass (red) nature during Act One, and act on dialogue options and in-song choices exclusive to that trait throughout the game.


They’ve learned not to underestimate you.

Finish the game having chosen the Clever (blue) nature during Act One, and act on dialogue options and in-song choices exclusive to that trait throughout the game.


Your heart was always in the right place.

Finish the game having chosen the Charming (green) nature during Act One, and act on dialogue options and in-song decisions exclusive to that trait throughout the game.

Against All Odds

You survived against all odds.

Survive your trial

Non-Timed Achievements


No harm in checking out all of your options.

Unlock based on your decisions and progress

Choose flirtatious dialogue options for each of the four romance candidates throughout a playthrough.


Music is now your province.

Choose each unique major decision in songs throughout the game.


Listened to every song.

Hear every major rendition of each song.

«Maestro» and «Virtuoso» specifically require multiple playthroughs to achieve, as plenty of decisions in the songs you’ll perform are binary decisions, meaning you’ll only hear one song or another in one playthrough by nature of the story.

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