Amaterasu Express Mystery Labyrinth Walkthrough For Rain Code

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is here, and fans of Kazutaka Kodaka’s spectacular Danganronpa series are no doubt intrigued. With Spike Chunsoft publishing, and Kodaka’s Too Kyo Games developing, it’s the narrative-driven and mystery-centric reunion project we’ve all been waiting for.



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Players are tossed into a tough time right from the jump in Rain Code, with amnesiac protagonist Yuma Kokohead (yep) awakening in a storeroom and learning his identity by way of a strange letter. It seems he’s part of the World Detective Agency! Right from the jump, there are things we can do to help Yuma along, so let’s hop aboard the Amaterasu Express!

What Does Difficulty Effect?

So, here’s the thing. Your choice does not impact anything here, because your strange new partner immediately points out they’re all these things – lenient, mean, troublesome, and adorable. We’ll circle back to this later on if we discover any hidden aspects at play, but as far as we can currently tell, it’s Rain Code’s way of getting players immediately acclimated to its persistent brand of humor.

Train, Part One: Waking Up Late

Yuma Kokohead Name Plate Rain Code

After the cheeky intro sequence’s conclusion, you’ll watch as Yuma wakes up and slowly pieces together what’s going on. Once control is first given to you, take heed of all that talk about Detective Points by interacting with every item here.

Detective Points are plentiful in Rain Code, and as you’ve just learned, you’ll gain Detective Ranks as they accumulate. Among other things, it’s a great way of compelling players to interact with absolutely everything, so while this guide will happily point out everything you can interact with, you should know going into your adventure that the golden rule is always to poke around your environment whenever possible.

Right off the bat, you should see several things on the shelves, so let’s start investigating. ‘Items Scattered on Shelf’ includes bags, hats, and books. Notice how your Detective Points just went up by ten? Nice, let’s keep making that happen. ‘Toy Robot’ prompts Yuma to notice a label that says ‘Lost Items’.

Now, waltz around the room until you find ‘Cardboard Box’, which doesn’t seem of any help right now. ‘Back of the Room’ is similarly a bust at the moment; Yuma elects not to move things around to reach whatever’s back there. ‘Shelf with Umbrellas’ has a label that reads ‘Lost Items Temporary Storage’.

The Place Yuma Was Sleeping Question Rain Code

Now, open the door and exit the starting room. Here, you’ll hit upon the first of many question-and-answer bits throughout Rain Code. We’ll use the following format for all of these, though the answer here is… incredibly obvious, of course. The correct answers will always be bolded!

«The place I was sleeping was…»

  • Station’s lost and found
  • Gym storage
  • Pawn shop

You’ll gain 30 Detective Points for choosing the right answer. Some tutorial pop-ups soon arrive; you can access a backlog of tutorial content at any time, which is handy. When you regain control, hop into the menu and check your Case Files. No real reason just yet – but it’s good to get acquainted, since you’ll be coming here often.

Case Files Menu Rain Code

Train, Part Two: Getting Acquainted With The Amaterasu Express

Window on Amaterasu Train in Restroom Rain Code

Before moving forward, turn around and check the ‘Warning on the Door’ for ten points. Then, check the ‘Map of the Train’ for more points. Beside the map is ‘Connecting Door’, followed by ‘Main Control Room A’. As always, these are worth points – in the future, we’ll refrain from mentioning that bit unless they’re worth more than ten.

Now, head down the hall, interacting with ‘Restroom’ and going inside for ‘Toilet Door’, ‘Window’, and ‘Mirror’. (Yuma can see his reflection in it? Really?) Back in the hallway, proceed to ‘Infirmary’, which is locked. We’ll want to remember this place. ‘Main Control Room B’ is up next. There’s no interaction marker with the door beside the Main Control Room B entrance, but go near it, and a cutscene plays out.

Meeting The Other Detectives Aboard the Train in Rain Code

None of the detectives have anything to say to you except the bespectacled guy with the cat ears, so let’s hear him out. Afterward, speak with everyone in the room. There’s Zilch, Pucci, Melami, Aphex, and Zange. At the next opportunity, talk to Pucci again, leading to a good deal of exposition.

You’re now given the chance to learn about Amaterasu Corporation, Kanai Ward, and the Amaterasu Express. Select them all in turn. Over the course of these questions, if you’ve interacted with everything up to this point, you should Rank Up to 3. Now, for our next question.

«Who is the most suspicious?»

  • Aphex
  • Zilch
  • Pucci
  • Zange
  • Melami
  • Yuma

Train, Part Three: Searching The Cars

It's all taking root Rain Code

Return to the first car. We need to find a key; go inside the restroom for quite the scene. Now that we’re familiar with Shinigami, try checking ‘Restroom Door’, ‘Window’, and ‘Mirror’ again for more points. Leave the restroom afterward. The game then hypes up your first ‘Investigation Sequence’, but all you’ve got to do is look at the body once.

Car Two

Check ‘Fire Extinguisher’, ‘Medical Equipment’, and ‘AED’ while you’re in the room. Hang a left upon exiting, making your way for the area where you met everyone earlier. Things get intense, and we’ve got to check ‘Corpse’ and ‘Liquor Bottle’. Next up is ‘Bar Counter’. Go through the door past the bar.

Car Three

Shinigami getting excited aboard Amaterasu Car 3 Rain Code

We should check each room in turn, starting with Room 301. Before leaving, check ‘Corpse’, ‘Trolly Bag’, ‘Stuffed Bear’, and ‘Cat Ear Headphones’. On to Room 302, with ‘Suitcase’, ‘Clothing Brush’, ‘Animal Print Glasses Case’.

After Rooms 301 and 302 is Backup Control Room. Sometime around examining ‘Control Device’ and ‘Monitor Device’, you’ll likely Rank Up again. For the latter bit, you’ll want to look at each portion of it for the max number of points (and story comprehension). Don’t leave without a glance at ‘Intercom’.

Car Four

Again, let’s do this methodically. Room 401 is up first. ‘Tissues’, ‘Jacket’, and ‘Magazine’. In Room 402, it’s our dear friend Zange; ‘Corpse’, ‘Bag’, ‘Notebook and Fountain Pen’, and our personal favorite, a slew of insults from Shinigami. (No Detective Points for that one.) Lastly, Room 403 has ‘Clothes’, ‘Travel Bag’, ‘Cosmetics Pouch’.

Car Five And Escape

Amaterasu Train Car Five Rain Code

You’ll investigate the corpse automatically, but then it’s up to you to look at ‘Main Control Room B’ followed by ‘Connecting Door’. Since Yuma rushed ahead, we want to backtrack into the room behind him. Here, we’ll find ‘Medical Equipment’, ‘Fire Extinguisher’, ‘AED’, ‘Burned Bed’, and then be sure to snag info from ‘Door Key‘.

Keeping track of Detective Rank, you’ll hit Rank Five in here if all’s gone smoothly. There’s nothing inside ‘Restroom’, but merely interacting with the prompt gets you more points. Keep moving back down the car for ‘Train Car Plate’ and ‘Main Control Room A’. Once you’re set with everything, a cutscene kicks up.

Rain Code now teaches us the fine art of quick time events. Follow the on-screen prompts within the allotted amount of time as Yuma makes haste. Continue the long and winding Chapter 0 with Rain Code’s first Mystery Labyrinth, which you can read about with the following link!

Mystery Labyrinth, Part One: Introduction

Mystery Labyrinth Magical Girl Transformation Rain Code

After your (hilarious) crash course on Mystery Labyrinth, we move into the first of many times we’ll end up back here throughout Rain Code. The Solution Keys Shinigami mentions are, indeed, as essential as they sound. Our partner kindly regurgitates plenty of information for us. If you interacted with everything aboard the Amaterasu Express, you’ll have plenty of keys.

As you can see, there’s a fair amount of depth to this whole Mystery Labyrinth thing, including Labyrinth Skills. They require Memory Cost. Open up the menu, and when you reach the screen for Labyrinth Skill allocation, set Vitality 1.

Midsummer Night Feed Rain Code

Memory Cost is tied to Memory Cap, which levels up alongside your Detective Rank. You’ll have ample Memory Cost for Vitality 1. You should also grab Midsummer Night Feed 1. We also went for Keymeister 1 and Endless Summer while we were at it.

Run ahead now, minding the trippy atmosphere as you go. Rain Code’s first Mystery Phantom battle will fire up. Below, we’ll present each phase of the battle, as well as the correct response(s).

Mystery Labyrinth, Part Two: Burning Questions

Sword revealed in Rain Code

  • Attempt to dodge the first five.
  • «You’re the only one who could have done the crime!» Slash this one.
  • Continue dodging. «And only pretended to drink it!» Now, select Thoughtography Image.

With that behind us, we’ll continue down the Mystery Labyrinth’s passage.

Truth Seeker One

Is the culprit one of the six mystery question Rain Code

Correct Response: Yes

Reasoning Death Match Two

  • Dodge the first two; slash «You must have had an accomplice.»
  • Dodge a few more; select «Operation Log.»
  • Slash «You secretly stopped the train» once it pops up.

Truth Seeker Two

«Everyone was dead, so how did the culprit pull it off?»

Correct Response: Irrelevant – you’re tugged through ‘Played Dead’

Truth Seeker Three

Who was the last person to die Rain Code

«Who was the last person to die during this incident?»

Correct Response: The culprit

«Who set fire to the dead culprit?»

Correct Response: The culprit

«Who was the last person to be burned to death?»

Correct Response: Zilch

Afterward, slash the door.

Reasoning Death Match Three

  • Have the «Zilch’s corpse» key equipped. Dodge until «And died from immolation.»
  • Equip «Coffee in dining car.» Dodge until «Y-Yeah, it was to knock himself out.»

Mystery Labyrinth, Part Three: Conclusion

Returning to crime scene Rain Code

We’re now back at the crime scene. Grab «Cushion», «Burned blanket.» What follows is a Shinigami Puzzle. This game is something else.

Pull the ‘R’, ‘E’, and ‘D’ off the barrel to spell «red.»

Choose «Z*OM» when prompted. Then, pick «Zilch’s corpse.»

Crossing the Crumbling Path

«Was what Yuma saw through the window actually Zilch?»

Correct Response: Yes

«Was the burned corpse in Car 1 actually Zilch?»

Correct Response: No

«Zilch swapped places with the corpse in the infirmary…»

Correct Response: Before Yuma entered

«Where was the burnt swapped out corpse hidden?»

Search: The vent to the right of the bed

Reasoning Death Match Four

Chapter 0 Reasoning Death Match Four Rain Code

We’re introduced to Assist Mode now. It allows us to peer further into a specific statement without taking damage.

  • Equip Aphex’s corpse.
  • Slash «There was no corpse to replace anyway.»

Chasing the culprit chapter 0 Rain Code

We’re almost there! Here’s how to keep up the chase when asked another question:

«When moving the body from Car 1 to Car 5, the culprit…»

Correct Response: Moved through the train

And now, onward to the final Reasoning Death Match:

  • Equip «Blackout and shaking.»
  • Slash «No issues occurred during the train’s operation.»
  • Equip «Backup Control System.»
  • Slash «The blackout was just a bad contact.»

Chapter 0 Shinigami Puzzle Two Rain Code

The boulder blocking your path toward the culprit can only be solved with the help of another Shinigami Puzzle. Pull the ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘T’, ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘H’, ‘ED’ off the barrel to spell ‘Detached.’

For the next puzzle, ‘C’, ‘A’, and ‘R’ for ‘CAR’. On to a Reasoning Death Match!

Reasoning Death Match Six

Reasoning death match six chapter zero Rain Code

  • Equip «Route Map.»
  • Slash «There’s no way to shuffle the train cars around.»

Shinigami Puzzle Four

Well, this one’s quick. Just choose ‘4’ to prove it was originally a four-car train.

God Shinigami Rush

Chapter 0 God Shinigami Intro

At last, it comes down to… this? As the game advises, kick, dodge, or jump as the situation necessitates. Taking damage isn’t the end of the world here, but it will pile up with enough hits, so just do your best.

The Solution Keys still come into play here. The large walls require answers!

«There’s no evidence they ever swapped!»

Correct Response: The warped plate

«You have no hard evidence proving that location was the first car!»

Correct Response: Bloodstains on interior lock

«Where was Zilch hiding?»

Correct Response: Main Control Room A

Congrats on completing Chapter 0’s Mystery Labyrinth. But the fun isn’t over yet. Rain Code’s prologue concludes with the first Deduction Denouement. Follow the link below for the final portion!

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