Atlas Fallen: Achievement/Trophy Guide

Break Out

Complete the sand-sliding path.

Mandatory (story-related).

Find Allies

Discover the Knights’ hideout.

Mandatory (story-related).

Powerful Allies

Gain the Knights’ trust.

Mandatory (story-related).

Calm Before the Storm

Enter the Black Alms.

Mandatory (story-related).

To Battle

Interrupt Thelos’ ritual.

Mandatory (story-related).


Complete the story.

Mandatory (story-related).

A Taste of Wrath

Defeat the Watcher’s Fury.

Speak with the Traveling Vendor until he gives you the «Watcher’s Fury» side quest; complete it.

The Mentor

Find the prisoner in the Wildlands.

Complete «The Imprisoned Priest» side quest. Technically mandatory.


Receive all weapons.

Mandatory (story-related).


Find all anvils.

Anvils should get marked on your map whenever you reach a point of vantage, so just explore across every map, and this should be a cinch.


Find all upgrade shards.

Most upgrade shards should come into your possession automatically, but the last few require exploration.


Stay in the air a full minute.

Dashing in-between sand whip strikes against larger foes is the way to go, and don’t attempt this until later on, when you have ample abilities.

Essence Blow

Shatter when the Momentum Gauge is filled.

Learning the ‘Shatter’ ability is mandatory. Once it’s yours, simply wait until your Momentum Gauge’s bars are up, and then attack accordingly.

Tribute of Caladrias

Collect 10,000 Tribunes.

Pretty easy, since Tribunes are all over the place. Sell off the overabundance of material you’re sure to acquire to help with the effort.


Sand slide over a certain threshold.

Just sand slide wherever you go when you’re out in the open. There’s practically no way you’ll beat the game before earning this trophy!

Clear Sight

Find every watchtower.

Defeat the elite wraiths at all five watchtowers.


Shatter 50 wraiths.

Like with ‘Essence Blow’, just use ‘Shatter’ often.

Shatter Them All

Shatter four wraiths simultaneously.

It’s all about timing – and finding packs of smaller foes.


Defeat every elite wraith.

Defeat all 14 of Atlas Fallen’s mark-hunt style enemies.

Big Bazaar

Find the Traveling Merchant in six spots.

Just keep an eye out for that big flag of his when you’re at settlements.

Fine Feathers, Fine Birds

Collect every armor.

Collect all ten armors.

Flawless Victory

Defeat a colossal wraith without taking damage.

If you’re struggling with this, go after one of the weaker ones once you’re around endgame, at which point it shouldn’t be so tough!

All There Is

Unlock and fully upgrade all perks.

Fully upgrade every armor to earn Perk Tokens.

Geared Up

Unlock the third and final upgrade of an armor.

Note that some armors don’t have three upgrades, so work one at an anvil that does.

Fashion Victim

Dye an armor.

Incredibly easy!


Collect 30 lore items.

Investigate those blue marks on the map as you explore the regions.

False God

Destroy every Heavenly Shrine.

Vantage points also reveal the locations of nearby shrines. We’ve found 19.

All That Gold

Collect every treasure map and then find every treasure.

This is extensive, so we’ll have a guide up soon.

I Found It

Collect a treasure by following an animal.

Use vantage points to reveal animal habitats, linger around one for a while, and then follow an animal toward treasure.

Stone Collection

Collect 25 Essence Stones.

We’ll have a guide on finding every Essence Stone soon!


Upgrade an Essence Stone to Rank Seven.

Materials are plentiful as you explore, so the real hard part is keeping enough Essence Stone around for the upgrades.


Kill a Scatterer with its own mine.

Scatterers are most common in the Wildlands.

Feeling Fancy

Find 50 cosmetic items.

There are 23 total, and we’ll have a guide up ASAP.

The Collector

Find 50 sellable artifacts.

Artifacts are plentiful enough that this should come to you naturally over time so long as you’re sifting through every area of each region.

A Queen’s Tale

Find the queen’s memories.

Complete «The Queen’s Passage» side quest.


Locate 20 vantage points.

As you’ve noticed, vantage points will reveal plenty of other stuff. But first, you’ve got to find vantage points. Thankfully, they’re marked on the regional maps as you explore.

Atlas Fallen

Earn every other trophy.

Good luck!

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