How To Find Golden Chickens And What They Do In Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 2

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Midas’ return to Fortnite had some unintended consequences on the island, with the wildlife being affected ever since he was let out. If you’re wandering the island in Battle Royale or Zero Build, you’ll likely come across a shiny golden chicken clucking away as it wanders the wilds.




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These golden chickens, and their eggs, will give you Midas’ favorite resource, which can then be turned into buffs to help you win the Battle Royale. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though, as you’ll first need to search for specific biomes where the avian flocks are known to spawn.

How To Use Golden Chickens

A screenshot from Fortnite Chapter Five Season Two showing the player character as Cerberus jumping off the street outside Grand Glacier with a golden chicken.

These new shiny chickens wander Fortnite’s island and can be found in many of the places where their non-gold brethren spawn. However, the real benefit comes once enough time has passed after the start of the match when they begin to lay golden eggs.

A screenshot from Fortnite Chapter Five Season two showing the player character standing next toa Gold Egg with a prompt that reads 'Collect' attached to the square button.

You can hunt the chickens and eliminate them for 12 Gold Bars each, but this would be a waste compared to farming their eggs. Right now, each of the Golden Eggs is worth 350 Gold Bars.

Collecting Gold Eggs is the
easiest way to get Gold Bars
without having to complete an objective.

Since chickens aren’t restrained by how many eggs they can lay, you can sometimes find multiple clustered together after the match has progressed

Where To Find Golden Chickens

A screenshot of Fortnite Chapter Five Season Two's map with large orange circles around the general spawn locations for chickens.

As with any of the wildlife on Fortnite’s island, it’s hard to know exactly where they’ll spawn at the start of each match. Instead, you can generally tell which biome they favor and can look there for them when you’re nearby. However, this isn’t a rule and chickens can sometimes be found in surprising locations.

The chickens tend to prefer the green and grassy areas of the map that aren’t in the darker Underworld biome.

Closest POI


Pleasant Piazza

The fields under the POI can spawn chickens.

Fencing Fields

The field along the train tracks under the POI.

Fencing Fields

The grassy green area between Fencing Fields and Restored Reels.

Restored Reels

North of Restored Reels.

Reckless Railways

The large grassy area between Restored Reels and Reckless Railways.

A screenshot from Fortnite Chapter Five Season Two showing Cerberus landing over the green area south of Fencing Fields, with orange circles highlighting two gold chickens that can be seen from the sky.

When you’re using your glider or the wings, you can see the golden shine from the chickens when you’re in the sky. This also goes for Gold Eggs, which give off a similar shine to the chickens.


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