How To Get Frieren Staff in Second Piece

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Expand your arsenal in Second Piece with the powerful Frieren Staff, inspired by the weapon wielded by Frieren in the anime Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. This guide will walk you through the steps of obtaining Frieren’s weapon and explain its in-game abilities.

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Second Piece Frieren Staff: How To Get, Quests & Abilities

To get the Frieren Staff in Second Piece involves several steps:

  1. Speak to Frieren: Begin your quest by finding and speaking to the Frieren NPC located on the Cursed Isle.
  2. Help Others: Frieren will send you on various side quests across the map focused on aiding others in need.
    • Quest 1 – Starter Island
    • Quest 2 – Starter Island
      • Bandit Leader Quest:
        • Kill Lv. 15 Bandit Leader
    • Quest 3 – Ape Realm Isle
    • Quest 4 – Ape Realm Isle
      • Monkey King Quest:
        • Kill the Lv. 1000 Monkey King
    • Quest 5 – Shell Town Isle
    • Quest 6 – Orange Isle
      • Clown Pirate Quest
        • Kill 3 Lv. 50 Clown Pirates
    • Quest 7 – Frost Isle
      • Snow Bandit Quest
        • Kill 3 Lv. 1750 Snow Bandits
  3. Return to Cursed Isle: After completing all seven of those quests, return to Cursed Isle and speak to Frieren.
Roblox Second Piece Speaking To Friren About Clone
  1. Defeat the Clone: You’ll get asked to kill her Lv. 8500 Frieren Clone boss appearing in the Arena, and in the chat box, it will mention Frieren has Spawned. Prepare yourself and head to the Arena to defeat this challenging foe and obtain the Frieren Staff recipe.
    • It has a 15% chance to drop.
  2. Gather Resources:  Take the recipe to Valefor on the Autumnal Archipelago. To successfully craft the Frieren Staff, you’ll need the following resources:
    • Gems: 15000
    • Pink Mana Stone: x1
    • Green Mana Stone: x1
    • Blue Mana Stone: x1
    • Red Mana Stone: x1
    • Yellow Mana Stone: x1
    • Normal Mana Stone: x10

How to Get Mana Stones

In Second Piece, players can obtain Mana Stones as a reward drop for defeating any World Bossb on the server. These mana stones can be crafted into ones with a specific color by using 25 Normal Mana Stones and 500 Gems at the Furnace.

Roblox Second Piece Furnace

Frieren Staff Stats and Abilities:

The Frieren Staff comes with a range of powerful abilities in the Roblox game Second Piece. Here’s a breakdown of each ability:

  • Click Attack: Unleashes a short-range melee combo attack infused with electricity.
  •  X Attack (Vollzanbel): Executes a forward-facing attack that releases a blast of light or lightning energy in a cone shape.
  •  Z Attack (Zoltraak): Summons an area-of-effect fire attack by creating a large circular rune on the ground, which erupts with fire.
  •  C Attack (Judrajim): Triggers an explosion of light energy centered around you or the staff, causing damage to enemies within a radius.
  •  V Attack (Zoltraak Shot): Initiates an explosion of light energy centered around a clicked point, inflicting damage on enemies within a radius.

Thanks to YukiSw for your help with this guide!

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