How to Get & Use One Tail Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator X

You remember that epic moment in Naruto when Gaara unleashed Shukaku, the One Tailed Beast? Well, guess who’s making waves in Anime Fighting Simulator X? Yup, it’s our sandy friend, Shukaku. And let me tell you, from my many (and sometimes frustrating) hours in the game, hunting for those One Tail Shards is a roller-coaster. So, buckle up as I spill the beans on getting and wielding the power of the One Tail in AFSX.

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Anime Fighting Simulator X One Tail Shards Guide

Alright, game time. In the vast world of AFSX, when it comes to One Tail Shards, there’s this one slightly annoying method to snag them. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and trust me, you’ll want to), is to take on the Desert Island Boss, Shukaku. I’ve been there, done that, and let me spill the tea— there’s just a 45% chance you’ll snag a shard. But hey, no risk, no reward, right?

On the bright side, you may also snag some other boss drops!

How to Get One Tail Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator

So, here’s the lowdown. Every time you’re itching to power up your One Tailed Transformation (Half-Form) Special, you’re gonna need to tango with Shukaku on the Desert Island. And yes, I hear you. A 45% chance isn’t the best odds, but in the words of a famous ninja we all know and love, “I’m not gonna run away, I never go back on my word!” Keep that fighting spirit alive in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

Oh, and a little pro-tip from personal experience: Shukaku loves to make a grand entrance and spawn about 40 minutes past the hour. Set an alarm, gather your squad, and be ready to roll when the sandy beast spawns. Those One Tail Shards won’t collect themselves!

How to Use One Tail Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Alright, so you’ve battled bravely, and you’ve got a pocketful of One Tail Shards. Now what? Time to find Gora. Now, I’ve saved you the hassle of hunting him down (you can thank me later). Check out the image below, a little nugget of wisdom from our pals over at the BlockZone Discord. Once you’re face to face with Gora, have a chat, and if you’ve gathered 10 shards, he’ll give your One Tailed Transformation (Half-Form) Special a sweet boost.

Let me tell you from firsthand experience, after that upgrade, your power spikes like crazy. Enemies that once seemed daunting will now think twice before messing with you.

One Tail Shard Conclusion

And there you have it! Unlocking the secrets of the One Tail Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator X isn’t just about following steps, but embracing the adventure. I’ve been down this road and felt the rush of defeating Shukaku, the anticipation of gathering those elusive shards, and the sheer thrill of powering up.

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