How To Safely Escort Oskar To The Cenotaph In Dragon’s Dogma 2

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The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is vast, many times larger than the original game. Size means nothing, however, without it serving some purpose, and DD2 is packed with activities. You may stumble across quests simply while journeying, so you need to keep a keen ear and eye at all times.




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One such quest is Tolled To Rest, found near the Ancient Battlefield. It is a short and sweet quest, though finding it in the first place may be a bit of a struggle, and harder still is keeping the quest active. Read on below to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Discovering The Tolled To Rest Quest

Tolled To Rest can be found in the ruined buildings just before the Ancient Battlefield and South of the Misty Marches. Unlike many other quests in the game though, you do not activate this quest yourself or have an NPC approach you about it.

Though it is possible to be guided to this quest by another series of quests, Tolled To Rest is always active in the world regardless.

As soon as you enter the area you will see a man, Oskar, being attacked by Harpies. You must be quick to his aid as waiting for even a minute can have him swiftly felled by them. Should you succeed, Oskar will thank you, and ask if you can guide him the short ways towards the Cenotaph so he can ring the bell within.

If Oskar does happen to be killed by the Harpies, the quest will not immediately fail. If you have a Wakestone to hand, you can revive him and continue the quest.

Bringing Oskar To The Ancient Battleground’s Cenotaph

Opening an iron gate from behind in Dragon's Dogma 2

The jaunt to the cenotaph is a brief one, though just like when you protected Oskar from the Harpies, you must stick close to him in case he falls victim to the many skeletons within the ruined fort housing the cenotaph.

After defending Oskar as he journies through the fort, you will come upon the bell at the end, which he tolls to complete his task. He thanks you and rewards you with an Ancient Battleground Key, though states he does not actually know what it unlocks.

Make sure to explore the room after the quest is completed. The book on the pedestal, ‘
Nation’s Death Knell
‘, allows you to cast a powerful spell and is required for the Sorcerer-Maister’s quest, while you can also find a
Makeshift Vault Key
as well.


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