How To Understand Elvish In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Elvish has entered the building.

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Name a more fitting duo than fantasy plus elves. You likely can’t. Naturally, then, Dragon’s Dogma 2 includes a whole settlement of elves in the Sacred Arbor, which is found to the northwest of Vernworth. When you first get there, however, you may find yourself a little… lost. You see, you don’t know Elvish.




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Luckily, being able to understand Elvish is quite easy once you know how exactly you can acquire that knowledge. Unluckily, getting to that point relies a little on luck, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to understand Elvish immediately when you need to.

How To Understand Elvish

Speaking to Doireann after her quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

When you first arrive at the Sacred Arbor, you might notice that the elves speak elvish only and that the dialogue (and even the shop menus!) are all in an incomprehensible script. To decipher this, you’ll need to recruit a Pawn with the Woodland Wordsmith Specialization.

When you speak to a Pawn with this Specialization, they will
tell you immediately
that their skill allows them to speak to elves.

Once you have a Pawn with Woodland Wordsmith, the elvish script that usually accompanies their dialogue will be replaced handily with whatever language the rest of the game is in – including menus in shops and at the inn.

As soon as you find a Pawn – either on the road, in the rift, or via a handy friend’s Pawn ID – it’s a good idea to
Favorite them
own Pawns will never change Specializations, so it’s a good idea to keep them in your Favorites list in case you ever need a Pawn that understands Elvish.

How To Get The Woodland Wordsmith Specialization

Carrying Doireann during her rescue quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

As with other specializations, giving your Pawn Woodland Wordsmith is a case of acquiring the right tome. Tomes are acquired primarily as gifts from NPCs that have high Affinity for you.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to source a tome that teaches Woodland Wordsmith thus far – either as a gift or as a reliable source in the world – but we theorize that Elvish characters (such as Glyndwr and his family, who all have easily accessible quests to complete) are the likely suspects for providing the skill.


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