How To Unlock The Vault Door In The Toll House In Baldur’s Gate 3

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The Toll House is a location within The Risen Roads in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Risen Roads is North of the Blighted Village and contains a key companion, Karlach. You may have noticed an Ornate Hatch inside the Toll House that leads to a weird cellar.



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There are quite a few secret vaults and secret entrance locations in Baldur’s Gate 3. All you have to do is explore and have good investigation skills, and you’ll be able to spot them. The locked door at the bottom of the Toll House leads to a vault and plenty of rewards.

Where Is The Toll House Key?

The key for the locked door is actually not far at all. You can use Speak With The Dead to talk to dead Toll Collectors around the Toll House for information. One of the toll collectors will tell you the location of the key.

Whether you want to indulge in speaking to the dead or not, the location of the Toll Collector Key is on the path toward Karlach, just South of the Toll House. In the image above, it is located where the party is on the map.

The Paladins within the Toll House have no business with the cellar, so they won’t know much, and they won’t mind you exploring.

How To Get Through The Toll House Cellar

Baldur's Gate 3 Toll House Cellar

Once you get through the locked door, there will be three traps on the ground in the next room. Successful Perception checks will reveal them for you to Disarm.

They are circular in the center of the room, so just avoid stepping on them if you can’t pass the Perception check.

There is nothing in the initial room. The cell door can be lockpicked to continue through. As you continue through the cellar, there is ultimately nothing interesting other than traps and storage bins.

In the last room, there will be two thrones on the left side wall. Separate party members and have two people sit on the chairs. Alternatively, you may place heavy items on each chair.

Doing this activates the secret vault. The wall between the thrones will lower.

Be warned; there is a poison trap in the vault room that will spew poison all over your party members in both rooms.

Either Disarm the vent traps in both rooms or place something above the vents to cover them.

In the vault room, you can find the following;

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