How To Unlock The Warfarer Location In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Vocations play a crucial role in shaping your playstyle in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as each one offers a unique and distinct experience. With over ten vocations to choose from, you initially start with four basic ones. To unlock the others, you need to undertake various methods, and the game doesn’t explicitly guide you, keeping you engaged and on the lookout for them.




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Unlocking each vocation requires different approaches. Some may require obtaining a specific weapon, while others may be related to completing quests. Additionally, for some vocations, you simply need to find the location of the NPC who grants access to them.

How To Start The Sotted Sage

Volcanic Island Camp location in the map - Dragon's Dogma 2

Firstly, you’ll need to embark on a long journey to reach the starting point of the Spotted Sage quest. This location, known as Volcanic Island Camp, lies to the south of the map. To get there, you need to reach Bakbattahl, and you have two options to do so: either advance through the main story, which is highly recommended, or take the westward road from the Checkpoint Rest Town but the latter is more dangerous.

Once you’ve arrived at Bakbattahl, make your way south and then east until you eventually reach the camp. Inside the camp, head towards the hot spring by climbing the ladder there and following the path ahead. Near the entrance of the spring, you’ll find a man seated on the ground. Interact with him to begin the quest.

Lamond won’t directly ask for your help, but his presence will pique your curiosity about how to assist him. This is where you come in by bringing him three bottles of the Newt Liqueur.

How To Get The Newt Liqueur

Newt Liqueur #1

There are a couple of ways to acquire it. The first method is by purchasing one bottle from a random character in Bakbattahl. Head east, near the Flamebearer Palace Road, where you’ll find a small bonfire and a man standing next to it. Speak to him, and he will sell you one Newt Liqueur for 2,000 G.

Newt Liqueur #2

The second method involves locating it inside a room in the Forbidden Magick Research Lab. Simply head to the entrance of the palace near the vendor who sold you the Newt Liqueur. Enter the palace by taking the stairs in front of you, then follow the path to the left and descend along the spiral path.

Eventually, you’ll reach a dragon statue. From there, head left again and progress ahead until you find a room to your right labeled Laboratorium – Chemical Stores where you’ll find another Newt Liqueur to pick up.

Newt Liqueur #3

The recipe for crafting the Newt Liqueur - Dragon's Dogma 2

As for the last method, while you may receive it as a quest reward or find it elsewhere, you can also craft it if you have the right materials. All you need are one Fruit Wine and one Saurian Tail.

While obtaining Fruit Wine isn’t explicitly outlined, if you helped Sven at the beginning of the game,
you should have one
. Additionally, some Fruit Wines can be found in the world.

As for the Saurian Tail, you can obtain it by
attacking the tails of lizard enemies
. While it’s not a guaranteed drop, targeting the tail
increases your chances of obtaining one.

Unlock The Warfarer Vocation

Player is about to hand over the Newt Liqueur to Lamond - Dragon's Dogma 2

With all three Newt Liqueurs in hand, simply return to Lamond and give him all three. In return, he will reward you with a tome that grants you access to the Rearmament special skill for the Warfarer.

Not only that, but if you visit the Vocation Guild, you will be able to select this vocation and play it. However, note that this vocation is only available for the Arisen.

The Warfarer is a unique vocation that allows you to
wield any weapon
available in the game and
utilize any skill
acquired from other vocations.

The Warfarer vocation - Dragon's Dogma 2


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