Where To Find Ford’s Scattergun In Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 includes various secret weapons that can be obtained if you meet specific requirements. Quite often, these requirements are not very obvious and there are little to no hints on how to acquire them. One such example is the powerful Ford’s Scattergun shotgun. While obtaining this weapon is not overly challenging, it does require making some respectful choices.



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Although the Ford’s Scattergun is the starting weapon for the Explorer Archetype, some may wish to acquire it earlier, since unlocking the Explorer Archetype demands completing the main campaign. Not to mention, this weapon is an essential part of unlocking the secret Archon Archetype.

How To Get Ford’s Scattergun

Ford’s Scattergun can be obtained in Yaesha, but you need to follow the specific main questline related to it.

To ensure you’re on the right track, you need to start Yaesha in the Red Throne area. If you happen not to have it, you can easily reroll Yaesha in Adventure Mode until you get the Red Throne as your starting area.

After a short progression into the Red Throne, you will encounter a large door that leads to a cutscene with the Eternal Empress.

Throughout your interactions with her, you’ll be presented with choices and answers. It is essential to approach these interactions carefully and select the appropriate respectful dialogue options.

Some of these respectful dialogue options are: «That sounds fair» and «Doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice«

Afterwards, the Empress will request that you defeat the Abomination and you must agree to undertake this task.

Even though the Empress requests that you eliminate the Abomination, she is NOT referring to the N’Erud boss: Abomination.

Now, continue progressing through Yaesha normally until you reach the Corruptor boss fight. This is the Abomination boss referred to by the Empress.

After defeating the Corruptor, return to the Eternal Empress and interact with her. Make sure to choose the Kneel option when prompted. Doing so will grant you the Seal of the Empress.

This ring increases Max Health by 20 percent but reduces Max Stamina by ten percent. However, that is not the only use for it.

Kneel option when interacting with the Eternal Empress Remnant 2

Do not give Thaen Seed to the Eternal Queen during this process at all.

Now that you have the Seal of the Empress ring, make sure to equip it, as you need it to unlock the hidden area within the Red Throne.

From the Red Throne Worldstone, follow the pathway and enter the library on the left. Inside, you’ll notice a floor with the symbol of the Empress.

When you wear the Seal of the Empress, this floor will open up and reveal a hidden underground area.

Once you reach the underground area, you’ll be able to obtain the Ford’s Scattergun.

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