Baldur’s Gate 3’s Most Charismatic Villain Was Once a Companion Character

Baldurs Gate 3s Most Charismatic Villain Was Once a Companion

Baldur’s Gate 3 director Swen Vincke has revealed some surprising cut content that didn’t make it into the final incarnation of the game, already one of the largest, most complete we’ve ever played. So, if you ever wondered which villains were once considered for companion status or which iconic locations from the series would ultimately … Leer más

Mysterious, Viral Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mechanic Infecting Player’s Pawns

Mysterious Viral Dragons Dogma 2 Mechanic Infecting Players Pawns

Reports of a mysterious affliction infecting the Pawns of Dragon’s Dogma 2 players, the AI-assisted NPC companion each player creates, have begun to trickle in. This sinister disease is known as Dragonsplague and affected Pawns will exhibit red glowing eyes, incoherent speech, disobedience, and increased aggression. Letting one into your party can have catastrophic, permanent … Leer más

Hype Man Geoff Keighley Teases Judas Talk for BioShock Anniversary

Hype Man Geoff Keighley Teases Judas Talk for BioShock Anniversary

The Game Awards host and industry hype man, Geoff Keighley, is teasing a Judas-related info drop for tomorrow, 27th March, conveniently enough, the 11th anniversary of BioShock Infinite’s launch. Keighley sat down alongside IGN executive editor Ryan McCaffrey for a long-form discussion with the auteur creator, during which Ken Levine’s vision for the game will … Leer más

Generation Zero Celebrates Five Years Thanks To A "Sustainable Work Environment," Studio Says

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Generation Zero, the co-op shooter that pits kids in the 1980s against threatening machines that have overtaken a vast Swedish wilderness, is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2024. The game’s earliest days were shaky at best with pre-release hype seeming let down by the game’s subpar launch, but the independent team at Systemic Reaction Group … Leer más

Dragon's Dogma 2 – Dragonsplague Explained And How To Avoid It

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The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is filled with danger. However, there’s a particular threat that’s so insidious that you might not realize how close you are to disaster. Here’s our guide that explains the signs and cures for Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers. Table of … Leer más

Dragon's Dogma 2 – How To Get The Charming Corset

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There are a lot of items and gear pieces to acquire in Dragon’s Dogma 2. One, however, is highly sought-after. In fact, you might see some recruitable pawns wearing it. Our guide discusses how to get the Charming Corset in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Table of Contents [hide] How to get the Charming Corset in Dragon’s … Leer más

Former Gaming Executive Sentenced To Death

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A former gaming executive has been sentenced to death in China for poisoning the founder of Chinese gaming company Yoozoo Games. This story also connects to the recently released Netflix series 3 Body Problem from the creators of Game of Thrones. CBS News reports that Xu Yao poisoned Yoozoo founder Lin Qi in December 2020 … Leer más

Celebrate Elder Scrolls' 30th Anniversary With Deals On Skyrim Board Games And Books

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Skyrim has been ported to just about every modern platform under the sun, with the sweeping RPG available on every home console launched since the Xbox 360 besides the Wii and Wii U. By this point, Skyrim fans have probably played the game multiple times across throughout the last three console generations. But if you … Leer más

We Finally Know WoW Subscription Numbers Thanks To A Blizzard GDC Talk

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World of Warcraft subscription numbers have long been shrouded in mystery, but thanks to a recent Blizzard GDC talk and some clever number-crunching by a WoW content creator, fans of Blizzard’s MMO now have some hard data on exactly how many players are paying a monthly subscription fee for the privilege of exploring Azeroth. Blizzard … Leer más

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 And Warzone Season 3 Release Date And Details

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Call of Duty Season 2 is coming to an end, meaning a brand-new season of content is on its way. Here are all the rumors and details we know so far about Season 3 for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, Zombies, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile. Call of Duty Season 3 start times Activision has confirmed Season … Leer más