Roblox Boss Insists Pay-to-Earn Not Child Labour Exploitation, Says It’s a ‘Gift’

Roblox Boss Insists Pay to Earn Not Child Labour Exploitation Says Its

Roblox is genuinely breaking brave new ground, enticing users to «make anything you can imagine» using the in-game development tools provided and finding massive success in the process. It seems Sony really was onto something with Dreams, but it stumbled in the execution. The Roblox platform currently boasts an astonishing 66 million users globally, and … Leer más

The Best Nintendo Switch Controller In 2024

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Best Nintendo Switch controller in 2024 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller See at Amazon See at Target See at Best Buy Best budget Nintendo Switch fight stick Hori Fighting Stick Mini See at Target Split Pad Pro, Split Pad Compact, and more of the best Nintendo Switch accessories; and PowerA, which offers some of the See … Leer más

Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond Offers New, Explosive Peacekeeping Options

Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond Offers New Explosive Peacekeeping Options

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube144k Helldivers, additional help is on the way in the form of the Democratic Detonation Warbond, which comes loaded with the latest peace-keeping/pacification implements imported fresh from the forges of Super Earth, along with all-new armour sets. It drops next week, on 11th April. Primary weapons include the BR-14 Adjudicator … Leer más

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 7 Launches April 16 With Co-Op Duos Mode


Hearthstone Battlegrounds is preparing to launch its seventh season, and it will bring with it the new co-op mode promised at last year’s BlizzCon. The new Battlegrounds Duos mode will let you team up with a partner to take on three other teams of two. The new mode will launch alongside the rest of Season … Leer más

Gears 6 Could Be Teased This Summer, Insider Claims

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We could potentially be getting information about Gears 6 this summer, according to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb. «Well, real quick, I will say I’ve heard some stuff might be happening with Gears 6 this summer» Grubb said on Kinda Funny’s Xcast show today. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be having an Xbox showcase … Leer más

The Crush House Lets You Run A '90s Reality Show In A Barbie-Style Dream House

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Devolver Digital and Nerial spent April Fools’ Day (and every day since) teasing the studio’s next project. Today, the two have finally announced The Crush House, a new reality show sim/potential horror game coming to PC later this year. The Crush House puts players in the role of Jae, an up-and-coming TV producer who lands … Leer más

Palworld Adds First Raid Boss As Pocketpair Teases "Massive" Summer Update To Come

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Palworld now has its first raid boss for players to challenge, a goth-girl-like Pal that will serve as the game’s ultimate challenge for the time being. Bellanoir is the Pal’s name and can be summoned using the newly implemented summoning altar. These Pals can’t be captured, but they do drop Pal eggs upon defeat. Developer … Leer más

FTC Temporarily Denies ESRB Application For Face Scan Tech

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has denied an application from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) concerning face-scanning, age-verification tech (developed by the digital identity firm Yoti). In its response (via PC Gamer), the FTC rejected the application 4-0 after receiving over 350 comments. The rejection is not meant to comment on the merits of … Leer más

PS5, PS4 MMO The Elder Scrolls Online Reaches Landmark 10th Anniversary

PS5 PS4 MMO The Elder Scrolls Online Reaches Landmark 10th

The Elder Scrolls Online is officially ten years old today. Its original PC release came on the 4th April 2014, and the PS4 version arrived just over a year later, in June 2015. As we all know, keeping a live game going for even just a couple of years can be difficult, so to reach … Leer más

Razer's New 18-Inch Blade Gaming Laptop Has Eye-Watering Specs, Costs A Small Fortune

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Razer’s new Blade 18 gaming laptop is now available. Razer teased the powerful 18-inch gaming laptop at CES 2024 back in January alongside the new versions of the Razer Blade 16 and 14 models, which were released earlier this year. See at Razer The Razer Blade 18 is available in two models with different display … Leer más