Everything To Know About Your Guardian In Baldur’s Gate 3

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As soon as you start up Baldur’s Gate 3, you are met with mystery. After spending hours in character creation to make your perfect hero, you then have to create another character known as your Guardian. But who exactly is this person?



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You can go a while in the game without ever actually meeting this strange person. Your Guardian plays a huge role in the main story and your current Illithid worm problem. Here is everything you need to know about your strange dream visitor.

Who Is Your Guardian?

You don’t have to make your Guardian attractive or anything, you can’t actually romance them, unfortunately. Nonetheless, they will be with you throughout your entire journey through the game.

Your Guardian protects you from succumbing to the parasite and becoming an Absolute cultist. When you finally meet this person, you are able to ask them some questions of concern. This Dream Visitor or Guardian will explain that they are also infected with a Mind Flayer parasite.

In the Astral world, where you dream of your Guardian, it seems as though some type of Astral war is happening, and they are fighting against it to protect you. In every dangerous moment where you should have died, your Guardian has saved you. When you fell from the Nautiloid ship and from your current infection.

Your Guardian wants you to put an end to the strange cultist happenings that occur thanks to the parasite.

They are protecting you until you can reach the person or thing causing this.

How To Meet Your Guardian

Baldur's Gate 3 Dream Visitor and Player

The more that you indulge in your Illithid powers, the more you will dream of your Guardian.

Your Guardian wants you to embrace your newfound Illithid powers and enhance them. If you choose not to, you will not have as strong a connection to your Guardian or see from them.

To actually dream of your Guardian, you must use your Illithid powers for the day and then take a Long Rest. You can only dream of them when you take a Long Rest. During the sleeping montage, they will appear to you.

The Dream Visitor will not show up every night. They only show up during scripted moments, after a lot of events have unfolded in the game.

Is Your Guardian Evil Or Good?

Baldur's Gate 3 Guardian extending sword to player

At the end of the day, no one can really know the Guardian’s true purpose or reasoning for choosing you until the end of the game. Based on what they tell you and their actions, it is safe to say that your Guardian is good.

There is a part of the game where your hand is forced, and you must confront your Guardian and kill them. This happens depending on the choices you make at the Githyanki Creche. At that moment, you can choose whether to follow through and kill them or spare your Guardian’s life.

If you kill your Guardian, the game is over, and you must restart at your latest save. Your Guardian keeps you alive, you need them.

When you confront your Guardian during this scene, they will surrender to you. This proves that your Guardian is a good person trying to do right.

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