How To Build Asta In Honkai: Star Rail

The best part about Honkai: Star Rail is that almost every character in the game has their uses. You get plenty of four-star characters for free just by progressing the story, and they can easily clear the endgame content like Forgotten Halls if you build them properly and pair them with synergistic members.



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Asta is one of these free characters, and she can be unlocked quite early as soon as you unlock the Gacha System. She’s a support character following the path of Harmony. One of the best parts about her kit is that she’s great at Weakness Break.

Updated August 7, 2023: In our ongoing quest to help you build the best versions of each Honkai: Star Rail character, we’ve updated this guide with a video version.

Best Relics And Planar Ornaments For Asta

Unlike Asta, you won’t be able to unlock the Relics section during the early game in Honkai: Star Rail. You have to level up for some time to unlock them. You have four slots for Relics and two for Planar Ornaments for every character, and each of these items gives you some main and sub-stat boost.

If you have two or four pieces of the same set, you’ll trigger a special bonus ability that’s different for each set. Here are the best sets for Asta in the game:



Reason For Synergy With Asta


Thief Of Shooting Meteor

This Relic set is the best in slot for Asta as it gives you up to 32 percent Break Effect and regenerates some Energy whenever you trigger Weakness Break. This effect is triggered when you remove an enemy’s Toughness bar.

The best part about this Relic set is that you can get a bunch of free pieces just by exploring different areas and finishing quests.

Firesmith Of Lava-Forging

While it’s not ideal, you can still run a DPS build on Asta with this Relic set. It increases her Fire DMG and Skill DMG when you have the four-piece. It also buffs the Fire DMG of one attack after using her Ultimate.

Since she already increases SPD with the Ultimate, you can trigger this extra buff quite often.

Planar Ornaments

Talia: Kingdom Of Banditry

Once again, this set can increase your Break Effect by up to 36 percent if you have 145 SPD or more. Asta deals multiple instances of Fire DMG with her Skill, which makes this stat the best on her.

Space Sealing Station

This Ornament set is perfect if you’re planning to use her as a DPS and deal damage. It gives you up to 24 percent extra ATK when you have 120 SPD or more. You’ll easily have that amount of SPD on Asta when she’s built.

Sprightly Vonwacq

This set increases the speed at which your Ultimate is regenerated and advances your action at the beginning of the battle. This allows you to get more Ultimates triggered during battle, which lets you get more turns for other characters.

You can only start getting Planar Ornaments once you unlock World 3 of Simulated Universe, which takes quite a while.

Moreover, some of the ornaments mentioned above can only be farmed in higher World stages.

When it comes to Relic stat priority, it’s quite easy to build Asta. Here’s everything you need to know about them:


Main Stat Priority






ATK Percent



Planar Sphere

Fire DMG Bonus / ATK Percent

Link Rope

Break Effect > Energy Regeneration Effect

During the early game, you only need to focus on a Relic’s or Ornament’s main stat since it’s quite hard to come across them. When you get to the late game, you can start being selective with your gear and have the best sub-stats for Asta, which are: Break Effect, SPD, and ATK Percent.

Best Light Cones For Asta

Honkai Star Rail Memories Of The Past Weapon Screen

You can only use Light Cones of Harmony on Asta since the special ability only triggers if the path matches the character’s path. With that in mind, here are the best Light Cones for Asta in Honkai: Star Rail:

But The Battle Isn’t Over

This is Bronya’s signature Light Cone, and arguably the best Harmony Light Cone in the game. It increases your Energy Regeneration Rate and the DMG dealt by the ally who takes a turn after you use the Skill.

Moreover, you can also get one free Skill Point every two times you use your Ultimate. All of this is great for Asta, and with the SPD boost from her Ultimate, she can trigger these effects even more.

Planetary Rendezvous

Asta has a special ability that increases all Fire DMG dealt by her allies, which incentivizes you to put her with other Fire characters. With this Light Cone, you can get even more value out of such a team, though it’s quite niche.

Memories Of The Past

As mentioned above, Break Effect is likely the best stat you can get on Asta. This weapon gives you up to 56 percent Break Effect at Superimposition five and regenerates eight Energy every time you attack.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Asta already increases all allies’ SPD whenever she uses her Ultimate, which allows them to have a turn earlier than usual. This weapon buffs that effect by advancing their actions forward by another 16 percent at Superimposition one.

Meshing Cogs

For beginners in the game, you can use the three-star Meshing Cogs Light Cone on her as it helps her get the Ultimate quicker by regenerating some Energy every time you attack or take a hit.

Though this can only trigger once every turn, which means that if you already got hit in that turn, your attacks won’t recharge the extra Energy. Moreover, your Ultimate doesn’t trigger this effect.

Asta Traces Overview And Priority

Honkai Star Rail Asta Idle Animation In Belobog

There’s a special Traces screen for every character where you can read their abilities. Each character has five main Traces, three bonus abilities, and many other small stat buffs that can be unlocked as you upgrade them. Here are all the main abilities possessed by Asta:

Trace Name



Spectrum Beam

Basic Attack

Deals Fire DMG to a single target. All the characters in Honkai: Star Rail have the same damage on Basic Attack at a certain level.

Meteor Storm


Does Fire DMG to the enemy you selected and then does four more instances of the same amount of DMG to four random enemies. If you’re fighting a single-target boss, this ability is one of the best for Weakness Break.

Astral Blessing


Gives a certain amount of extra SPD to all allies for two turns. This might not seem like much at the start, but SPD is one of the most important stats during the late game.



You get one stack of Charging for hitting a certain enemy, and an extra stack if they’re weak to Fire. You can’t get multiple stacks by hitting the same enemy multiple times while using your Skill.

The ATK of all allies is increased based on the number of stacks you have. Though you’ll start losing three stacks every time Asta gets a turn from the second round. This makes the Talent only good against hordes of enemies.

Miracle Flash


Deals 50 percent of Asta’s ATK as damage to all the enemies as soon as you start a battle with this Technique.


Bonus Ability

If you use Asta’s Basic Attacks, they have a chance to Burn enemies and deal DoT to these enemies for three turns.


Bonus Ability

Fire DMG dealt by her team members is increased by 18 percent


Bonus Ability

The Charging stacks from her talent also increase her DEF by 6 percent for each stack.

The Bonus Abilities can be unlocked after ascending Asta a certain amount of times, but you don’t have to upgrade them after unlocking. This leaves only four Traces that you have to constantly level up. Asta’s Ultimate takes priority as it increases the SPD of all allies, which is one of the best things about her.

After that, you can focus on her Talent followed by her Skill. You don’t have to upgrade Asta’s Basic Attack unless you’re planning to build some damage on her or have extra resources. Her Eidolons can make her Talent much better and also make it easier to get the Ultimate back.

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