How To Complete Jumin Han’s Route In Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger has been hailed as one of the best otome games ever made; this mobile game puts a very unique twist on the visual novel formula. Instead of just reading through walls of text, the game plays out like a phone conversation. Jumin Han is one of the many characters you will find yourself chatting with, and he is a unique romance option with multiple endings.



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Without a guide though, it can be pretty hard to romance Jumin, especially since a game over means you will need to start all over or spend hourglasses to resume your save. Below is a complete guide on how to romance Jumin and get all of his endings.

Updated July 14, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: There are a lot of choices that you will need to make in Mystic Messenger. We’ve updated the formatting of this guide to help with navigation, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for.

How To Get Onto Jumins Route

During the first four days of gameplay, you will just be casually talking to the group as a whole. You will get several chances to choose answers throughout the conversations that take place over this period of time. Getting on Jumin’s route is pretty straightforward, you simply need to do the following.

  • Side with Jumin instead of Jaehee
  • Comfort Jumin
  • Talk positively about and defend Elizabeth The Third
  • Agree with Jumin’s ideas and tell him that he’s the most important
  • Don’t flirt with the other characters

Essentially, you will need to show an interest in Jumin, as you would with anyone in a real relationship.

Since the Deep Story route only allows you to choose between 707 and Jumin, you need to be sure that you are talking to Jumin the most. This is pretty obvious as there are several options that have you directly referring to Jumin, especially when first greeting the chat.

Below, you can check out every correct answer for the first four days to ensure that you get on Jumin’s route.

Can You Miss Chats?

Be sure to check in regularly to not miss a chat. If you do miss a few, then you can use hourglasses to participate in them. You don’t need to be in every single chat to get Jumin’s route, but try to be as present as possible.

It’s important to note that missing a chat means that it will happen without you. Rather than the chat never occurring, it will essentially go on without you giving any replies.

Jumin’s Route Choices

player in chat with zen and yoosung talking

On day five, you will arrive at Jumin’s routes. Like with the previous four days, there will be a chat several times a day the chat will be enabled based on your local time.

Be sure to participate in these conversations or use hourglasses to participate in them later on if you miss them. Below, you can find the chat times for Jumin’s Route.

How To Get Jumin’s Good Ending

Elizabeth 3rd Picture that Jumin took

Mystic Messenger isn’t a game that is going to fault you for messing up a single answer. Just make sure to participate in most of the conversations, and at the very least try not to go below 31 percent participation.

To get the good and normal Jumin route, you will need to pick answers that show concern for Jumin. Below, you can see the basic dos and don’ts of getting Jumin’s good ending.

More than anything, keep from picking any of the choices that lead to bad endings. You’ll need to give reasonable answers, avoid bad ending choices, and have ten RSVPs from guests.

Jumin’s Normal & Bad Endings

Jumin and V confrontation

Normal Ending

If you complete the route but have less than ten RSVPs then you will get the Jumin normal ending.

Bad Endings

Bad endings are pretty hard to achieve in Jumin’s route, but for those wanting every bit of his story, they are a must. There are two types of bad endings; bad story endings and bad relationship endings. Each one has its own requirements to unlock, which you can learn about below.

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