How To Complete The Miracles Take Time Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Thanks to the Forgetting, a magical catastrophe that stole away their memories, many characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley returned to their home realms to protect them. Some stayed in the Valley to try and fight back, and some were even imprisoned within the Valley.



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The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella is one of the characters locked away by Night Thorns. Once unlocked, she serves as a magical guide and will help you with several story quests. Here’s how to complete her introductory quest!

How To Begin The Quest

Miracles Take Time is available to begin once you finish Rebuilding the Valley: Frosted Heights and the Forgotten Lands have been unlocked for 10,000 Dreamlight. When you’ve done both, you’ll get a quest message prompting you to visit a mysterious pumpkin house, and the quest officially begins.

Inside the giant pumpkin, you’ll find the Fairy Godmother waiting for you. Speak with her, and she’ll tell you that she’s been trapped in the Forgotten Lands – and that the Orb of Remembrance is hidden in a place called The Dreamscape.

To retrieve the Orb, you’ll have to venture into the Dreamscape and get it back.

How To Find The Dreamscape

Entrance to the Dreamscape in Disney Dreamlight Valley with no illusion

The Fairy Godmother will tell you the entrance to the Dreamscape is hidden by an illusion and that she needs five Purified Dream Shards to make an enchantment to get rid of it. They can be crafted by combining five plain Night Shards and one Dreamlight Crystal at any crafting station.

Once you’ve got five of them, return to the Fairy Godmother and give them to her.

The Fairy Godmother will run out of her home. Follow her through the Forgotten Lands, and she’ll lead you to a large, suspiciously unmovable rock and tree formation.

Some images in this guide show a more progressed area, but the locations marked on the images are accurate to where quest objectives will be in your game.

How To Enter The Dreamscape

Player character next to the entrance to the Dreamscape in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Speak with the Fairy Godmother, and a short cutscene will play out, where the rock formation will reveal itself to be an old tree house. Enter the house with the Fairy Godmother, and you’ll be in the Dreamscape, a large round area reminiscent of a castle.

The Orb of Remembrance sits on a pedestal in the middle of the room, and the area is surrounded by several archways, some with orbs and some without.

How To Investigate The Dream Scape

Edited screenshot of Dreamscape in Disney Dreamlight Valley where Orb would be.

Talk to the Fairy Godmother at the central pedestal, and she’ll tell you that to restore the Orb of Remembrance’s power, you’ll have to collect memories that the Forgotten has left behind. Collect the Memory of Power, Memory of Courage, and the Memory of Love from the pedestals sitting in the archways.

Each one will unlock a piece of a new memory of a castle surrounded by thorns. After you collect all three, you can complete the quest by speaking to the Fairy Godmother one last time.

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