How To Craft High-Quality Paper And Purple Ink In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you know the movie Frozen, one of Disney’s biggest film hits, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize one of its characters, Olaf. Alongside Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, Olaf is one of the many villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley you can interact and form friendships with.



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Olaf is a curious and friendly snowman created by Elsa using her ice powers that loves to share random facts with his friends. He also loves a good story, and a few of his friendship quests deal with him wanting to write his own! Here’s how to complete his third friendship quest, The Role of a Lifetime, and further progress his personal quest line.

How To Unlock The Role Of A Lifetime

As this is Olaf’s third friendship quest, it will have a few more requirements than usual. You’ll need to have reached at least friendship level seven with Olaf, completed his prior friendship quests, and you need to have both Buzz Lightyear and Anna unlocked.

Once you’ve met the requirements, speak to Olaf to start the quest. He tells you that he’s ready to start writing his story, but he needs something to actually write it on. Olaf asks you to bring him three High-Quality Papers and one vial of Purple Ink.

How To Craft High-Quality Paper And Purple Ink

Player character standing next to softwood spawn in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To craft both items, you’ll need a total of 12 Softwood, three Purple Marshweed, and one Empty Vial.

  • Softwood can be gathered in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, the Forest of Valor, and the Glade of Trust, and spawns randomly around the roots of trees placed there. It can also be purchased occasionally at Kristoff’s stall or be gathered after digging up tree stumps in the Forest of Valor.
  • Purple Marshweed can be picked in the Glade of Trust, and grows randomly throughout it.
  • Empty Vials are crafted from three Glass at any crafting bench. Glass is crafted from Sand, which can be dug up at Dazzling Beach or found when breaking sea debris.

Once you’ve collected the items, go to any crafting bench and craft the High-Quality Paper, and the Purple Ink, then bring both items to Donald Duck.

How To Replace Donald Duck In The Play

Player character talking to Buzz in The Role of a Lifetime in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It turns out Donald Duck isn’t too pleased with the amount of work Olaf wants him to do for the production and decides against being a part of it. Return to Olaf, hand over the items, and tell him the bad news.

You’ll have to get some replacements for Donald to audition, and Olaf suggests Anna, Buzz Lightyear, and Scrooge McDuck. Talk to each of them, and they’ll agree to try for the role save for Scrooge.

How To Finish The Quest

Player character watching scene between Anna and Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Return to Olaf, and tell him about the developments. You both agree Anna’s the best choice, so follow Olaf to her and listen to them speak. After Olaf picks her for the role, speak to him again, and the quest is complete.

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