How To Craft The Enigma Handgun In Remnant 2

Similar to other Soulslike games, Remnant 2 follows a familiar pattern by presenting a world full of secrets, challenges, and discoveries for everyone. This is what gives this genre its charm and makes it popular. The Labyrinth in Remnant 2 in particular is full of secrets.



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The latest exciting find there was the Archon Archetype, which had been kept well hidden. This discovery has generated a lot of excitement in the community and shows that the game has much more to offer. Although this might be the biggest discovery so far, there are still more surprises waiting to be found in this world.

How To Get The Enigma Handgun

Before you can obtain the Enigma Handgun, you’ll need to acquire the crafting material called the Cipher Rod, which you can find in the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is accessible after you finish the first world of the game.

Next, you should continue exploring the Labyrinth until you encounter a strange portal that changes location.

Because the portal’s destination keeps changing, you need to leap onto a particular one. Take a look at the picture below for reference.

The location needed to be in the Portal Remnant 2

When you spot it, continue moving forward. As you descend, a bridge will form shortly afterward.

Wait for about two to three seconds before leaping into the portal.

After crossing the bridge, you’ll enter an open area where you’ll encounter and need to defeat a group of enemies.

Once you’ve eliminated all of them, you’ll find a statue in the center.

Cipher Rod location in Remnant 2

At this location, you can pick up the Cipher Rod.

With the Cipher Rod in your possession, it’s time to return to McCabe in Ward 13.

You can then use the Cipher Rod along with seven Lumenite Crystals and 1,000 scrap to craft the Enigma Handgun.

Enigma Handgun Overview

Enigma Handgun summary in Remnant 2

The Enigma is a Handgun that shoots an electric stream which can arc to nearby enemies. With each jump, the damage is reduced by 25 percent, and it applies the overloaded status effect.

This weapon is especially useful for close to medium-range encounters and excels in closed spaces due to its moderate range capabilities.

Its special weapon Mod, Chaos Driver, shoots electrified rods that connect to other rods within 10 meters, dealing shock damage.

Enemies with a rod embedded in them take 50 shock damage per second, with 25 percent more damage for each additional rod.

Rods in the same target will not link and damage is increased by 1.5x if linked to another rod.

Overall, the Enigma Handgun excels at handling large groups of enemies due to its chain lightning effect from regular shots and the weapon Mod that generates a lethal electrified area affecting nearby enemies.

Here are all the stats for the Enigma Handgun:

Merciless Stats




RPS (Rounds Per Second)





~60 percent

Ideal Range


Falloff Range


Max Ammo


Critical Hit Chance

-10 percent

Weak Spot Damage


Stagger Modifier

-15 percent

The Enigma is a Special Handgun that can be level up to ten times.

Upgrade Level


Crafting Cost

Level 1


5 Iron

2 Lumenite Crystal

450 Scrap

Level 2


10 Iron

2 Lumenite Crystal

525 Scrap

Level 3


15 Iron

2 Lumenite Crystal

600 Scrap

Level 4


15 Forged Iron

2 Lumenite Crystal

675 Scrap

Level 5


20 Forged Iron

3 Lumenite Crystal

750 Scrap

Level 6


15 Galvanized Iron

3 Lumenite Crystal

825 Scrap

Level 7


20 Galvanized Iron

3 Lumenite Crystal

900 Scrap

Level 8


15 Hardened Iron

4 Lumenite Crystal

975 Scrap

Level 9


20 Hardened Iron

4 Lumenite Crystal

1050 Scrap

Level 10


1 Simulacrum

5 Lumenite Crystal

1125 Scrap

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