How To Craft The Necro Set In Terraria

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Terraria is full of unique armor and weapons that you can craft or loot from enemies. In terms of armor, not all sets are created equal; some are more suited to combat than others. One such set is the Necro armor, which gives you a skeletal appearance.



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In this guide, we are going to take a look at where you can get the Necro armor, as well as what benefits you receive by wearing it. First, let’s take a look at Skeletron, who needed to be defeated before you start your journey to obtaining the pieces of this set.

Defeating Skeletron

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The Necro armor can only be obtained after you have defeated Skeletron. This is because the armor is crafted with items that drop from monsters in the Dungeon, and the Dungeon will only be accessible after defeating this boss.

Prior to spawning Skeletron, you will see a man wandering around outside the Dungeon. By speaking to this man at night, you can cause him to transform into Skeletron, which will immediately begin the boss fight.

Overall, Skeletron isn’t too hard to take on, especially if you have a powerful ranged weapon. We suggest keeping your distance and taking out his hands first, as these will slash and attack you.

If you are looking to get this done as quickly as possible, try building a long, one-block platform that stretches slightly above the Dungeon. You will be able to run back and forth along this ‘bridge’, without running into any obstacles along the way.

Entering The Dungeon

terraria player in the dungeon

After defeating Skeletron, you can enter the Dungeon. Overall, the Dungeon is quite dangerous; there are many monsters, as well as traps that can instantly kill you.

Thankfully, all you need to do is kill the monsters that live in the Dungeon in order to get the items required to craft the Necro armor set.

How To Get Cobwebs & Bones

terraria player in underground tunnel with cobwebs

There are only two materials you need to craft the Necro armor set; cobwebs and bones.


Cobwebs can be found pretty much everywhere underground. Typically, this material is around the top portions of caves, but you can also find cobwebs in abandoned houses and Spider Caves. To gather cobwebs, all you need to do is swing your weapon at them, causing them to drop.


Bones are a bit trickier to obtain, as they only drop from three types of monsters, all of which are found in the Dungeon.

Below, you can check what each of these monsters looks like, so you can easily spot them. All three have a 98 percent chance to drop anywhere from one to three bones.



Angry Bones

terraria angry bones

Dark Caster

terraria dark caster

Cursed Skull

terraria cursed skull

These enemies are pretty common, so you shouldn’t have any problem trying to find them while exploring the Dungeon.

The Ancient Necro Helmet

terraria player wearing the ancient necro helmet
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You will be able to craft all the pieces of the Necro set, but you can also loot an alternate version of the helmet.

The Ancient Necro Helmet will drop from Angry Bones and Dark Casters, which means that you can farm bones while looking for this piece. In total, you will have a 0.22 percent chance of getting the Ancient Necro Helmet. This is quite rare, so you may be searching for a while.

By throwing the Ancient Necro Helmet into Shimmer, you can transform it into the standard Necro Helmet. There are no stat differences between these helmets; they provide the same bonuses.

How To Craft The Necro Armor Set

terraria necro armor shown close up with dungeon background blurry

With bones and cobwebs, you are ready to craft the Necro armor! Below, you can find the materials needed for each piece of the set.

Armor Piece

Crafting Materials

Necro Breastplate

60x Bone

50x Cobweb

Necro Greaves

50x Bone

45x Cobweb

Necro Helmet

40x Bone

40x Cobweb

All three pieces can be The Ancient Necro Helmet, which is crafted with ten of any wood-like material. If you are feeling extra spooky, you can use ten bones to make a matching Bone Work Bench.

Necro Armor Benefits

terraria player wearing necro armor

Each piece of the Necro Armor set will provide you with a buff. Below, you can check out the stats of each piece.

Armor Piece


Necro Breastplate

7 Defense

5% Increased Ranged Damage

Necro Greaves

6 Defense

5% Increased Ranged Damage

Necro Helmet

6 Defense

5% Increased Ranged Damage

In total, this set provides 19 Defense and 15 percent increased ranged damage.

When the set is fully equipped, you will also have a ten percent increase to get a ranged critical strike, as well as a 20 percent chance to not consume ammo that you use. These two buffs only apply if all three pieces are on.

The set also creates an after-image of your sprite, giving you a shadowy effect.

As you can see, the Necro armor is perfect for those who favor a ranged playstyle.

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