How To Defeat Bloat King In Remnant 2

If you’re a fan of Remnant 2’s procedurally generated open world, you’ll most likely explore all the side paths you can find. These paths are symbolized by curved doors, and you can find some useful items while exploring them including exclusive Rings, Amulets, or boss drops that let you craft new weapons.



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One of these side areas in Losomn might put you against the Bloat King. This boss features a range of attacks with limited movement on the battlefield, and Melee weapons or close-range firearms are almost useless against it. You’ll have to watch your step carefully while in this domain.

Where To Find Bloat King

To find Bloat King, you’ll first have to venture over to the Losomn world, which is completely randomized. Depending on your Campaign’s procedural generation, you can get this world in first, third, or fourth position. Even if you do reach it, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the Bloat King in this run.

This boss can only be found in The Great Sewers side path, but the side paths are also always randomized because of the procedural generation. If this path exists in your save, you’ll find it in the village area where you have to fight a bunch of enemies that seem to be possessed by some kind of otherworldly power.

If you don’t get this area, you can try to reroll the Losomn world in Adventure Mode until you get it.

How To Beat Bloat King

Remnant 2 Shooting Bloat King Orb

When you first enter the boss room and a cutscene plays out, you’ll see a white orb flying into a giant creature’s body. This orb will be the main attraction of this battle as you’ll be fighting it most of the time. Every few seconds, the main boss releases one orb from its body that starts firing projectiles at you.

These projectiles might not deal a lot of damage by themselves, but there are quite a lot of them, which can take a toll on your health bar if you don’t dodge them. As you dodge the projectile, keep shooting the orb and its shield will break eventually. You’re guaranteed to trigger weakspot damage on the orb once its shield breaks.

Remnant 2 Double Bloat King Orbs

When the boss gets to the second phase, it’ll start deploying two orbs at the same time. It’s a waste of time to try and damage both of these orbs since one of them is fake. The boss still takes damage from it, but it completely breaks apart when you deal enough damage. On the other hand, removing the shield from the correct orb makes it vulnerable and gets rid of the fake one.

You can identify the real orb by the red throbbing on it. The fake orb doesn’t throb like that, making it a clear giveaway.

Remnant 2 Bloat King Charging Up

A few seconds after the orb becomes vulnerable, it’ll quickly fly back to the boss’ body and start regenerating. In the meantime, the boss starts charging some special attacks at you. You’ll see a white aura around its body when this happens. After a while, this aura subsides and the attack is followed by a quick visual effect on the body.

Based on the charging time, the Bloat King can have two kinds of attacks here:

  • If it charges for a short duration, it’ll send a quick but lethal laser at your character. This deals a ton of damage and staggers you for a while.
  • If the boss charges for a little longer, it’ll send a giant laser at your current position that keeps dealing damage for a few seconds and even changes directions as you move. You can only prevent damage from this by constantly running away.

The Bloat King’s battlefield is formed with a bunch of platforms with gaps in them. If you fall from any of these gaps, you’ll land on a small pool of sewers with a bunch of small enemies in it. Don’t try to defeat these enemies as they’ll keep respawning. Instead of that, try to find the nearest ladder and go back up to the platforms.

You can only deal Weakspot damage to the Bloat King by attacking its vulnerable orb, so it’s recommended to use an Automatic weapon that can constantly deal decent damage. Alternatively, you can also use the Gunslinger Archetype to help you with reloads and weapon damage.

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