How To Defeat The Cancer Boss In Remnant 2

If you’ve reached the Root Earth area in Remnant 2, you’ve already fought plenty of bosses before. Whenever you enter a new world, you must defeat a final boss to get past that world and enter the next one. Although, things are different for Root Earth since it’s the last world of the story.



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This world only has a total of three areas, but you’ll have to duke it out with a final boss in each one of these areas. Cancer is the first main boss you’ll find in the Ashen Wasteland, but you’ll have to defeat many elite enemies before you can reach it.

Cancer Boss First Phase Guide

You’ll find a small checkpoint right before you’re about to enter the battlegrounds where you’ll face Cancer. Make sure you rest at this Checkpoint before heading in because you’ll need all the Ammo, Skills, and Relics you can possibly have for this fight. Once you’ve regenerated everything, enter the area to trigger the boss fight.

The first attack from this boss shows it slamming its hands into the ground and creating a red trail under it. This trail locks onto your character and slowly reaches your location. A second after that, roots spawn from the ground and stay on the battlefield for quite a long time unless you hit them.

You’ll take damage from these roots if you’re standing on them as they come out, and also if you run into them.

Area denial is one of the most lethal dangers you’ll be facing in this fight. If you get cornered by these roots, you can simply shoot or melee them once to remove them. Other than this, the boss has a generic double slash attack, which can be followed by another hand slam. This time, the boss spawns roots around the hands in a certain area.

You can also find the boss slamming its entire head in the ground where it spawns roots in a much larger area around its location. Thankfully, these roots disappear just a couple of seconds after the attack. When you reduce the boss’ health to 75 percent, it’ll jump and perform a red wave on the ground while it enters the second phase.

Cancer Boss Second Phase Guide

Remnant 2 Cancer Boss Giant Root From Ground

When the boss does the root spawning attack in the second phase, there will be more than one red trail in the ground. Moreover, a giant tree branch will spawn at the end of these trails. These branches stay on the battlefield for a long time and constantly spawn more roots. Moreover, they’re quite tanky, which makes it hard to get rid of them.

The boss also performs this attack far more often than in the first phase. You might also see it jumping around a couple of times and spawning red waves more. The second phase lasts until the boss’ health is above 50 percent, and you’ll mostly see the red trail attack in it.

Cancer Boss Third Phase Guide

Remnant 2 Cancer Boss Glitching Everywhere

When the final phase starts, you’ll see all the attacks performed by the boss in the first and second phases with an added glitch effect. The boss and its tree branches randomly glitch during the fight, which cancels their current attack and can easily confuse you. This makes you dodge a fake attack only to get hit with the real one.

Moreover, the boss’ slash attack can be performed up to three times, and it lunges directly at you on the third slash. This deals high damage and can only be avoided by dashing at the right second. The constant spawning of roots and the glitch effect can make the third phase quite difficult.

Once you defeat the Cancer boss, you’ll gain a craftable item called Necrocyte Strand, which can be used to craft a new mod by taking it to McCabe.

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