How To Find Sussur Tree Bark And Sussur Bloom In BG3

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Within the expansive realm of the Forgotten Realms, the setting for Baldur’s Gate 3, the Weave acts as an omnipresent source of magical energy. Naturally, in this magic-rich world, substances that serve as magic-dampeners are highly sought-after, both for their arcane properties and to counter enemy casters. One such entity is the Sussur Tree.



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This naturally occurring magic-dampener is invaluable, with its bark and flowers used in machinery and craftsmanship. The quest «Finish the Masterwork Weapon» requires its bark to complete, while the operational repair of the Arcane Tower in the Underdark requires its bloom. This guide will walk you through how to procure both of these components.

How To Obtain Sussur Bark

The first time players are introduced to the concept of the Sussur Tree is most likely in the Blighted Village, where an abandoned Blacksmith’s house hides the quest «Finish the Masterwork Weapon«. This quest leads players to search for the key ingredient of masterwork weapon forging—Sussur Bark.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player standing near a piece of Sussur Tree Bark

The Sussur Tree is found only in the dangerous Underdark, so before embarking on this journey, make sure that your character is at least level four (or very sneaky).

There are lots of entrances into the Underdark. The Zhentarim Hideout entrance, the Whispering Depths entrance and the Selunite Temple entrance will all put you pretty close to the Dread Hollow (X:-45, Y-137), where the Sussur Bark can be found.

A Bulette hunts around these areas and may attack you by burrowing out of the ground and knocking you prone. You’ll know when it’s close when the ground begins to shake.

Once you get to Dread Hallow, you’ll be greeted with many mangled corpses, hinting at the fight to come. Four Hook Horrors—terrifying bird-like bestial monstrosities—have made their nest in the area, as well as a mad Drow who believes himself part of the pack.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player looks over multiple hook horrors in the Underdark

The Hook Horrors are extremely brutal, tanky melee bruisers capable of one-shotting a squishy caster. One lurks near the south of the tree, one is on its roots, one is near the waypoint, and the last one is with Filro the Drow by their nest.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player casting Lightning Bolt on a hook horror

Your best bet will be to pick them off one-by-one, utilizing the cliffs for height advantage, and surprising them with hiding and stealth mechanics.

If you’re woefully under leveled for the Underdark, you can also use spells like Invisibility and Misty Step to send in your stealthiest member to grab the Sussur Bark from the tree before fleeing in abject terror.

Though Sussur Blooms can also be obtained from this Sussur Tree, they are difficult to transport if you have a spellcaster in your party, due to the area magic-dampening effect the Blooms exude.

That said, putting it on a frontline martial and sending them into a group of enemy spellcasters could be a viable battle tactic!

How To Obtain Sussur Blooms

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player standing near a small Sussur Tree

Sussur Blooms are much more potent than the bark, actively emanating an anti-magic field that prevents all casters in a radius from casting any magic.

This flower is needed to explore the Arcane Tower (X: -57, Y: -292) in the Underdark.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player standing in front of the Arcane Tower entrance

Once you enter the Arcane Tower after disabling all the hostile Arcane Turrets, you’ll find that the elevator is not working. In order to fix it up, you’ll need to locate a Sussur Bloom and combine it with the generator on the bottom floor.

Don’t worry if you didn’t grab a Sussur Bloom from the tree in Dread Hollow—there’s a tree right next to the tower!

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player standing in front of of several Sussur Blooms

Go to any of the doors facing west, and look down to see the small Sussur Tree growing behind the Arcane Tower. There are two blooms for grabs at the base of the tree.

If you’re on one of the upper floors, a spell like Feather Fall or Grant Flight will help you avoid becoming a pancake when you go to retrieve the Bloom.

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