How To Fish In Palia

This guide covers how to fish, how to get bait, and how to catch rare fish in Palia.

Fishing is an important skill in Palia: you’ll need fish to complete bundles to get rewards, certain fish to hand over to villagers for their massive relationship boosts, and you’ll need to fish up various recipes to improve your Focus-building skills in the kitchen. Plus, who doesn’t love fishing in life sims?



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This guide covers everything you need to know about fishing, from how to actually fish, to catching rare and special fish, to getting your own bait to improve your chances of getting something really special on the end of the line.

How To Fish In Palia

Palia Fishing-1

We’ll start off with the basics – how does fishing actually work?

  • Grab your starter Rod from the mail – Einar sends it to you
  • Head to a piece of water – you can fish anywhere where the water is deep enough in Palia, although you can also hunt down fishing hotspots that have a better chance to give you a rare or star fish
  • Equip your Rod using R and the wheel
  • Cast the Rod into the water by holding down left mouse button
  • Hold the line there until you hear a sound – watch the bobber, most fish bite three/four times
  • Click left mouse button and pull the fish out of the water
  • Hold down left mouse button and move the mouse side to side, keeping the fish within the green markers (shown in the image above)
  • You will eventually catch the fish

Your Rod does have a health bar, shown at the bottom of the screen (the green bar.) Some fish just can’t be caught with the basic Rod – you’ll need to upgrade the Rod at Einar’s shop and also buy Rod health upgrades.

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Fishing Tips

That’s the basic principle of fishing, but here are some more advanced tips.

  • Different areas will spawn different fish, such as Rivers or the big Lake in Kilima
  • You also have access to three different types of bait: No Bait, Worm, and Glow Worm
    • These types of bait essentially work as a three-tier system, with rarer, more expensive fish only catchable with Glow Worms
  • You don’t get Glow Worms until quite late in the game, and they have to be produced on your property
  • Various villagers will request fish as gifts, either as their daily gift, liked gift, or loved gift – save the fish you’ve seen pop-up before
  • You can save your bait if you don’t want to catch the fish – just wait until the fish shows up, see what type of fish it is, then ignore it
  • You only lose your bait if you try to catch the fish and the fish escapes while reeling it in
  • Don’t reel when a fish jumps out of the water – this should save you some Rod health

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