How To Get And Use Shining Essence Echo In Remnant 2

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In Remnant 2, you’ll come across so many NPCs who act as vendors, offer rewards for your help, and share some stories about the game’s lore. One of these interesting characters in the game is the Custodian, found in N’Erud.



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When you first meet the Custodian in N’Erud, he’ll ask you to confront Tal’Ratha and get the Shining Essence Echo. However, there’s more than one choice in this situation, and giving him this material isn’t the only option. You might want to explore the other choice available to you.

How To Get The Shining Essence Echo

In order to obtain the Shining Essence Echo, you must follow the Souls Spark storyline, which you can recognize from its starting location, the Forgotten Prison.

During your progression in the Souls Sparks quest, you’ll need to defeat Tal’Ratha.

You’ll have to fight one of the two versions of Tal’Ratha based on your choice: the standard version and the Metaphysical version.

Regardless of which version you defeat, you’re guaranteed to obtain the Shining Essence Echo as a drop.

Once you’ve defeated Ral’Ratha and acquired the Shining Essence Echo, you’ll find two ways to utilize it.

How To Use The Shining Essence Echo

Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2-1

Once you’ve defeated Ral’Ratha and acquired the Shining Essence Echo, you’ll find two ways to utilize it.

Give It To The Custodian

Siphon Heart in Remnant 2

You can locate the Custodian near the Ascension Spire in N’Erud.

Following your victory over Tal’Ratha and obtaining the Shining Essence Echo, you’ll have the opportunity to choose whether to give it to him.

If you decide to do so, you’ll receive the Siphon Heart in return.

The Siphon Heart is a Relic that grants ten percent of base damage dealt as Lifesteal for ten seconds.

Use It In The Drzyr Replicator

Crafting Void Idol in the Drzyr Replicator Remnant 2

You can find the Drzyr Replicator in a hidden area beneath the Custodian’s location.

When interacting with the Drzyr Replicator, you can craft the Void Idol using the Shining Essence Echo, along with 15 Hardened Iron and 1,000 Scrap.

The Void Idol is an Amulet that provides a bonus of 20 percent Reload Speed. In addition, reloading requires only 50 percent of the magazine from reserves to fully reload.

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