How To Get The Phoenix Riser Gear In FFXIV

We’ve made it to the summer, and that means the Moonfire Faire event has returned to Final Fantasy 14. This year, there’s some awesome new Phoenix Riser gear up for grabs, a perfect addition to any glamour enthusiast’s wardrobe, especially those who love Japanese superheroes like Kamen Rider and Power Rangers.



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The event runs from today and will end on August 26, 2023, at 7:59 am (PDT)/ 14:59 (GMT). Seasonal event quests cannot be completed once they have ended, so be sure to finish the event before this time. Here’s everything you need to know.

Allergic To Sunshine Quest Walkthrough

You start this quest by speaking with Mayaru Moyaru in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks at (X:11.5, Y:13.8).

You must be Level 30 or above to be able to start this quest.

Travel to Costa del Sol in Eastern La Noscea and speak to Haermaga at (X:36, Y: 26.7).

Go to (X: 31.5, Y: 30.5) and speak to Haermaga again for a short cutscene. Afterwards, interact with the Destination mark at (X:31.7, Y:30.2).

Speak to Lyonell at (X:31.8, Y:30.2) to complete the quest. Noticeably you don’t get that coveted Rising Phoenix gear, and that’s because there’s still another quest to complete.

I Am The Sunshine Quest Walkthrough

Lyonell and the Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy 14.

Speak to Haermaga at (X:31.8, Y:30.2) to start the next quest, ‘I Am the Sunshine’. Next, speak to Beaudefoin at (X: 35.7, Y:26.4) and relieve him of his duty.

Complete the following scenario however you wish to — scenes play out differently depending on your choices, with some funnier than others.

Afterwards, speak to Haermaga at (X: 36.1, Y:26.7) for a cutscene, then speak to Lyonell at (X:37.2, Y:27.2).

Finally, speak to Haermaga at (X:36.1, Y:26.7) to complete the quest and collect your Phoenix Riser Helmet, Phoenix Riser Suit, and the ‘Hot Bird Summer’ achievement.

Where To Find The Moonfire Faire Vendor

Moonfire Faire Vendor and their wares in Final Fantasy 14.

The Moonfire Faire Vendor can be found in Eastern La Noscea at (X:36.2, Y:26.8). She has the following wares available:



Storm Tracer

8 gil

Flame Tracer

8 gil

Serpent Tracer

8 gil

Lominsan Sparkler

8 gil

Gridanian Sparkler

8 gil

Ul’dahn Sparkler

8 gil

Bombard Bloom

8 gil


19 gil

How To Complete The Course

The moonfire faire assault course in Final Fantasy 14.

The assault course has returned! For those who wish to take on the challenge, you can start by entering the water current at (X:36.7, Y: 28.6)

You cannot use flying mounts near the course, and will be bounced out of the rear if you try to fly in.

Alternatively, for those who wish to get to the end of the course for some awesome gpose shots but don’t have the patience to complete it, you can skip the sections.

  • Speak with the Faire Adventurer at (X:36.9, Y:28.3) to proceed past the first section.
  • Speak with the Faire Adventurer at (X:36.5, Y:30.8) to proceed past the second section.

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