How to Get the Sorrow Handgun In Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 is a gunplay-focused game, and it does offer a wide variety of guns that are scattered across the game’s worlds. While some firearms can be easily obtained or purchased from specific NPCs, others require some effort to find. That’s simply how Soulslike games work; they encourage you to dig deep and uncover things on your own.



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Similar to Ford’s Scattergun, the Sorrow Hangun is another secret weapon that becomes accessible only after completing a series of specific steps. This powerful Crossbow has proven to be highly effective and useful for tackling the challenging encounters in Remnant 2. Here’s everything you need to know to get it.

Where To Find The Sorrow Hangun

To begin, go to the Yaesha and search for a location called Kaeula’s Rest. Kaeula’s Rest can easily be identified by its open round area that is partially flooded within the entrance.

Since the game’s locations are randomly generated, you may need to reroll Yaesha until you have this specific location.

Once you’ve reached Kaeula’s Rest, your task is to find the Tear of Kaeula ring.

Tear of Kaeula Ring Remnant 2

As you progress through the area, you will come across a statue with an item nearby.

Pick up the item, which is the Tear of Kaeula, from the vicinity of the statue. Upon doing so, you will suddenly be pulled down, and you’ll find yourself back in the first open round area. Here, you will have to face and fight Kaeula’s Shadow.

Kaeula's Shadow fight in Kaeula's Rest Remnant 2

After defeating Kaeula’s Shadow, you need to make your way to Meidra.

Meidra is the one who asks you questions, and based on your answers she will grant you either the Barkskin or the Bloodstream Trait. But there is more to that.

When you talk to Meidra and have the Tear of Kaeula in your possession, she will ask you about it, and during the conversation, she will mention that the ring once belonged to her sister. Consequently, she will ask you to hand over the ring.

During the interaction, you must select the option «No, this ring belongs to you. [Give Tear of Kaeula]» when prompted.

By making this choice, Meidra will express her gratitude and, as a reward, give you the Sorrow Handgun in exchange for the Tear of Kaeula.

Sorrow Handgun Overview

Sorrow Handgun summary Remnant 2

The Sorrow Handgun is a mystical crossbow known for its exceptional accuracy and effectiveness in medium to long-range combat. This allows for precise and powerful strikes against enemies.

What sets this weapon apart is its unique mod, Eulogy, which recalls bolts shot at enemies, dealing additional damage when pulled back.

These Recalled Bolts not only cause damage but also grant you 2 percent of your maximum health. Furthermore, the mod allows the Sorrow to overfill with up to +5 bolts, and any unused bolts return to your reserves.

In summary, the Sorrow Handgun not only inflicts substantial damage but also provides healing benefits through its mod, and the ability to recover ammo. All these features make the Sorrow Handgun a standout choice for the challenging world of Remnant 2.

Below, you’ll find a summary of all the stats of the Sorrow Handgun:

Sorrow Handgun Stats




RPS (Rounds Per Second)





~95 percent

Ideal Range


Falloff Range


Max Ammo


Critical Hit Chance

10 percent

Weak Spot Damage

+115 percent

Stagger Modifier

5 percent

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