How To Level Up Barbarian Fast In Diablo 4

Diablo 4’s Barbarian can be tricky to level, with most builds requiring endgame talents and skills to become fully optimal. The Whirlwind build is not only the strongest choice once maxed out, but it also gives Barbarian the best chance at quickly leveling up to max.

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Focusing on dishing out constant AoE damage while maintaining a variety of powerful buffs, Whirlwind Barbarian is easy to play and fun to progress with. This guide will teach you how to effectively level as a Whirlwind Barbarian. It will cover Active and Passive skill priority alongside your best Expertise, Stats, and Aspects.


Active Skill Priority

Whirlwind Barb’s active leveling skills will differ slightly from the full endgame setup, but you shouldn’t worry about needing to relearn the build, as the majority of skills are easy to make full use of. Bearing that in mind, here are the six actives you want to talent into for your leveling journey.

Passive Skill Priority

Unbridled Rage And Prolific Fury Passive Tooltips In Diablo 4

After picking up the majority of your active skills and improvements, you should look to round out your Whirlwind build with some key passives.

​​​​​​​These not only help you to further empower your active abilities but also serve to help keep you alive.

Passive Name

Ranks Leveled


Pressure Point

  • Your skills have a chance to apply Vulnerable for 2 seconds.

Booming Voice

  • Increases your Shout skill duration.

Guttural Yell

  • Your Shout skills cause enemies to deal less damage for 5 seconds.

Raid Leader

  • Your Shouts heal allies for a percentage of their maximum health.

Aggressive Resistance

  • Damage reduction while Berserking.

Prolific Fury

  • Increased Fury Generation while Berserking.

Pit Fighter

  • Increased Damage to close enemies and reduced damage taken from distant ones.


  • Applies a Slow effect to enemies afflicted by your Bleeds.

Heavy Handed

  • Increased Critical Strike Damage when using a Two-Handed weapon.

Tempered Fury

Invigorating Fury

  • Heal for a portion of your maximum health after spending 100 Fury.

Unbridled Rage

  • Massively increases the damage of your Core Skills, but also doubles their Fury cost.

Your Specialisation passive in Unbridled Rage. An extremely important talent, this will amp up your Whirlwind damage but make it noticeably more difficult to keep using the spell.

Without specific Legendary powers or Fury Cost reduction stats, you will find yourself running out of Fury a lot, making you even more reliant on Call of the Ancients.

Expertise Priority

Expertise Panel And Arsenal Selection For Barbarian In Diablo 4

Barbarian is a pretty simple class when it comes to its unique specialisation. The Expertise mechanic grants you different passives depending on what weapon type you are currently using.

Using a specific weapon will level up your experience with it, strengthening this bonus. At level ten, you will unlock a new passive for each weapon.

  • Once you have completed your Masters of Battle class quest in the Dry Steppes, you will unlock access to the Technique slot, which will grant you the passive bonus of a weapon even if you are not actively using it.

The choice for Whirlwind Barb is between Two-Handed Sword and Two-Handed Axe.

The Two-Handed Sword will give all your attacks a Bleed effect, making every tick of Whirlwind even more valuable.

While this is an amazingly strong choice, your perfect build will see you using a Two-Handed Sword as your primary weapon. This frees up the Technique slot for the Two-Handed Axe, which increases damage dealt to Vulnerable targets, another amazing passive.

Due to how the gear works during leveling, try to prioritise whatever weapon gives you the highest DPS and stats. You can then switch your Technique accordingly, using the Two-Handed Sword passive if you are not currently wielding one to keep applying Bleeds, but otherwise sticking with the Two-Handed Axe.

Stat Priority

Pain Breaker Sword Stat Panel And Occultist Interface In Diablo 4

The Whirlwind build is relatively simple to gear for while leveling, requiring some stacking of easily accessible bonuses.

Your primary stat will be Strength, so try to always prioritise items with big main stat increases, as the higher Armor will also provide a large defensive benefit.

Your major stats to look out for are:

  • Vulnerable Damage
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Fury Cost Reduction
  • Maximum Fury

These skills will provide the core of your Whirlwind build, but while leveling, you will tend to take whatever you find, so don’t worry about holding onto lower-level gear just to try and min-max every stat.

Often the higher the item level, the stronger the item, and you will have plenty of time in the endgame to fully optimise your stats.

It can be worth using certain Legendaries over better-statted items if the passive effect is strong enough. Aspects such as Grasping Whirlwind can be extremely effective in speeding up your AoE clearing, and you should make sure to extract these powers at the Occultist so you can upgrade later pieces.

For your gems, you will want to search for three specific types:

  • Socket Sapphires into your Armor pieces, as your high uptime on Fortified will provide a lot of extra defensive benefits.
  • Place Skulls into your Jewelry, as Armor scales extremely well throughout the game.
  • For your Weapon try to use Emeralds, as it will grant you a large Critical Damage boost against Vulnerable targets, especially strong if you are playing in a group.

Best Aspects

Aspect Of Numbing Wrath Tooltip And Broken Bulwark Dungeon In Diablo 4

While obtaining all of your best Aspects while leveling can be tricky, certain ones can be farmed from specific dungeons and added to your Codex of Power.

Aspect Name


Dungeon Name



  • Barrier when damaging Elite enemies.

Lost Archives

Fractured Peaks

Dire Whirlwind

  • Stacking Crit Chance on Whirlwind.

Garan Hold



  • Increased Movement Speed while Unstoppable.

Broken Bulwark



  • Increased Skill damage depending on your current Primary Resource level.



Echoing Fury

  • Your Shouts generate Fury every second while active.

Siroccos Caverns



  • Stacking Armor upon dealing damage.

Halls of the Damned


Berserk Ripping

  • Deal Additional Bleed damage while Berserking.


Dry Steppes

Numbing Wrath

  • Fury generated while at maximum Fury grants Fortify.

Heathen’s Keep


Other randomly acquired Aspects that will benefit you are:

  • Bold Chieftain’s
  • Grasping Whirlwind
  • Limitless Rage
  • Conceited

There is no guarantee of acquiring all of your best powers while leveling, so just try to grab whatever you can, as even a few of them will provide an excellent power increase and greatly speed up your pace.

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