How To Obtain Mew In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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New legendary and mythical Pokemon continue to appear in Scarlet & Violet, this time with Mew’s official introduction via a distribution code. Previously, Mew was available in Scarlet and Violet via transfer through Pokemon Home, but is now fully obtainable in this official release.



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Mew’s debut in Scarlet and Violet kicks off the associated Mew Vs. Mewtwo event featuring Mewtwo in Raid battles. These longtime rivals are constantly at odds, and this event focuses on the battle between them, much like the first Pokemon movie. While Mew is a powerful Mythical Pokemon, it comes at level five, so take some time to train it before storming into battle.

How To Obtain Your Mew Via Distribution Code

The code to obtain a Mew in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is «GETY0URMEW» with a zero after the ‘Y’.

Now that you have the code to obtain your Mew, you’ll want to make your way to the menu to enter it. Here is a step-by-step guide for the process:

  1. Press X to pull up your menu.
  2. Navigate over to Poke Portal.
  3. Connect to the internet by pressing L.
  4. Scroll down to Mystery Gift.
  5. Select the Get with Code/Password option.
  6. Enter GETY0URMEW and accept the gift.

After you’re done, Mew will be directly deposited into your active party provided that you have space.

From here you’re free to take your Mew out to roam around with you and enjoy its fantastic animations, particularly its adorable sleeping pose.

Remember all those Rare Candies and medicine bottles you have saved in your bag? Now would be a great time to level Mew up from five to 100 and EV train it if you want to test its true power in battle.

What Makes This Mew Special?

Mew's stats spread and moveset in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Unlike prior Mew distributions, this version features a randomly chosen Tera type and an associated signature move of that type for Mew. This marks the first time Mew officially appears with access to Paldea’s signature Terastallization mechanic.

For example, a Dark Tera type Mew will come with the move Dark Pulse while a Steel Tera type will know Flash Cannon instead.

Mew is famous for being able to learn any move and this is a thematically fitting representation of Mew’s abilities in the context of Scarlet & Violet.

Go claim your Mew and see which Tera type you receive – the variety of options makes this Mew a fun collector’s Pokemon while maintaining usability in battle.

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