How To Rescue Wulbren And The Tieflings In Moonrise Towers In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you allied with the Tieflings and Druids in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll get to enjoy a warm party in celebration of your heroics. This hopeful conclusion, however, quickly changes its tone when the next chapter finds many Tiefling refugees captured by Absolute cultists during their journey to Baldur’s Gate.



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Traveling to the Moonrise Towers via the Underdark also introduces players to Wulbren, a captive Ironhand Gnome. The two paths converge at the Moonrise Towers, where both Wulbren and the tieflings are imprisoned. Want to be the hero again? Here’s what you need to know to free them both in one fell swoop.

Rescue Wulbren – Quest Location

If you’re trying to get to the Moonrise Towers via the Underdark passage, you’ll soon find yourself in Grymforge, a duergar (gray-dwarves) outpost.

Grymforge is accessible by getting on one of the duergar boats at the Blighted Village, near the Underdark Beach Waypoint. It’ll be teeming with duergar, however, so be ready to fight (or lie) your way through.

Venturing into the outpost, you’ll find deep gnome slaves supervised by duergar slavemasters, attempting to extract True Soul Nere from a cave-in. In order to speak to the deep gnomes, you’ll need to help them rescue Nere, then save them from his wrath.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player confronting Nere about his cruelty towards the slaves

Liberating the deep gnomes will reveal that some of the group had been transported to Moonrise Towers, including Wulbren Bongle, an adept alchemist with a knack for dangerous explosives.

If Barcus Wroot was previously rescued from the windmill at the Blighted Village, he’ll come to your camp after asking you to help rescue Wulbren, whom he considers a close friend.

Rescue the Tieflings – Quest Location

Baldur's Gate 3 - Rescuing the Tieflings from Moonrise Towers

As you progress through Act 2, you’ll soon find yourself at The Last Light Inn, one of the few safe havens in the Shadow-Cursed lands. While you’re here, you’ll likely run into many familiar faces—many of the Tiefling refugees who left for Baldur’s Gate will be here.

If you converse with the refugees, they’ll explain that they were caught in an ambush en route to Baldur’s Gate, resulting in numerous tieflings being imprisoned at the Moonrise Towers by Absolute cultists—including Zevlor and Lakrissa.

Alfira, the Tiefling Bard of the group, is particularly eager to rescue Lakrissa, and will reward you handsomely if you do so.

How To Get To Moonrise Towers

Baldur's Gate 3 - Eastern door of the Moonrise Tower

Navigating through the Shadow-Cursed lands to get to the Moonrise Towers can be challenging for unprepared adventurers; we recommend that you are at least level 5 before making the attempt.

Located southwest of the Last Light Inn, the Moonrise Towers are teeming with Absolute cultists. Thankfully, your status as a True Soul can help you navigate through the gathering army without drawing too much ire, provided you make prudent dialogue choices.

Where To Find The Moonrise Towers Prisons

Baldur's Gate 3 - Hallway in the Moonrise Tower Prisons

There are a few ways to get to the Moonrise Tower Prisons.

One of the easiest—provided that you’ve managed to infiltrate the tower as a True Soul—is through the east entrance of the towers. Once you enter, pass two chatty guards and take a right turn to reach the prison cells.

Alternatively, you can also follow the blood trail through the Moonrise Towers down to the prison level of the stronghold.

Once you are in the prison, it’s easy enough to find the prisoners you seek—Wulbren is confined in Cell Two, and the tieflings in Cell Four.

The cell numbers will be important later on, depending on how you choose to rescue them!

Rescuing Wulbren

Baldur's Gate 3 - The party speaks to a captured deep gnome

Method 1: Supplying The Gnomes With Tools

Engaging with the prisoners will irritate the guards patrolling the prison area. However, successful DC 14 Persuasion or Deception checks will convince the guards that you have every right to be here.

Successfully cowing the guards will catch Wulbren’s attention, though he remains suspicious. You can reassure him that you can be trusted with another Persuasion check.

Learning about Wulbren from Barcus at Grymforge will eliminate the need for a check, as the mention of Barcus’ name will placate Wulbren.

Barcus will request a tool from you so that the gnomes can break through the weak stone wall in the back of the cells. Supply him with any weapon that can deal bludgeoning damage, and the gnomes will break out on their own.

Baldur's Gate 3 - The UI to give Wulbren a bludgeoning weapon

Though the gnomes will wait for the patrolling guards and Scrying Eyes to pass before engaging in their breakout, the guards will quickly notice something amiss.

Make sure to keep them busy, either with a distraction or a fight, as the guards might attack the escaping prisoners and potentially kill them.

Levers In The Warden’s Office

Alternatively, you can free the prisoners by using the levers in the Warden’s office, to the southeast of Wulbren’s cell. The levers correspond to each prison door, so hit the Cell Two and Cell Four levers to free both the gnomes and tieflings.

This method is significantly more risky, however, because then the gnomes will attempt to escape through the front door, potentially drawing the aggression of more guards.

Rescuing The Tieflings

Baldur's Gate 3 - Rescuing the Tieflings from Moonrise Towers

After the deep gnomes escape by breaking the cell wall, they will automatically try to help the Tieflings break out by demolishing the wall behind their cell as well.

Once again, make sure that the guards are kept busy, as the Tieflings are even squishier than the deep gnomes and can easily die to one attack from the guards.

Unfortunately, Zevlor, Mol and Arabella are not here and will require separate rescue efforts to free.

Finishing The Quest

Baldur's Gate 3 - The escaped gnomes and tieflings sailing to Lost Light Inn

After the coast is clear, the refugees will gather at the nearby pier and commandeer a boat for their escape.You’ll have the option to guide them back to the Last Light Inn.

Once they arrive, they’ll be subject to a security check by the Harper guards, after which they’ll be safe and free!

Talk to an ecstatic Alfira to claim your reward, including a hefty amount of gold and the Potent Robe, a piece of equipment that is incredible for Charisma-casters like Bards, Warlocks and Sorcerers.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Alfira's Reward for rescueing the captured tieflings

Baldur's Gate - Image of the Potent Robe

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