How To Solve The Silent Library Puzzle In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of dungeons and mysteries, and nowhere could puzzles be more fitting than the great Shar Sanctum within the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Deep within the Sanctum, you’ll come across an odd room unlike the others: the Silent Library.



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Within the Silent Library, you’ll be tasked with ridding the area of its unwelcome Justiciar patrons and solving riddles. The catch? You’ll need to do this without the use of magic. Should you succeed, your efforts will bear fruit in one of the game’s more important optional quest items.

How To Defeat The Librarian

You can find the Silent Library in the bowels of the Sanctum, one level below Shar’s first two trials and through the door to the left of the final trial – the Faith-Leap Trial – right of the broken elevator.

Before going into this room, we recommend grabbing the broken lever on the ground in front of the elevator. Ride it to the top and then place it in the broken lever slot at the top and to the left. This will give you easy access to the Waypoint.

Within the library, there are several Justiciar enemies and a dark vortex in the center known only as the Librarian. This Librarian has a Silent Aura which affects the entire room and cancels out the use of any magic or actions that require a verbal component.

Astarion Prepares To Use Sneak Attack Assassinate On Dark Justiciar Silent Library

All Justiciars here can use Shadow Step, a version of the Misty Step spell. They also have Extra Attack, meaning they will likely have better movement and action economy on your team.

Additionally, there are traps at each of the pillars in the room. Upon someone hitting the buttons on the pillar, lightning will strike the area in front of it.

You could use a sneaky Mage Hand to press these buttons and use the lightning traps to your advantage.

The best strategy here is to try and get the drop on those within this room. Rogues will be exceptionally potent here, and good physical melee units will be good to have as well.

Lae'zel Defeats Librarian And Turns On Swarming Justiciars In Silent Library

Instigate combat by taking out a few of the Justiciars and send one talented melee unit (preferably a tanky one) down the stairs while firing arrows or bolts at the Justiciars.

The goal here is to dwindle numbers while running for the Librarian.

Once you reach the Librarian, have your melee unit focus on them while the rest of your party tries to keep the number of Justiciars to a minimum. You don’t want an army of Justiciars with Multiattack.

Librarian Resistances Preview In Silent Library

The Librarian is thankfully lacking in terms of defense, so it should only take a maximum of two-to-three rounds to defeat it. It’s susceptible to Radiant damage especially but resistant to Fire, Cold, and Poison damage.

When it’s gone, the Silent Aura in the room will be lifted, and you’ll be able to cast spells again. Justiciars will also stop spawning. Focus then on the remaining Justiciars until the room has been cleared of enemies.

Where To Find The Nightsong Book

Book Location North East Side Silent Library Puzzle Solution

There are several bookshelves in the library, and each of these shelves are booby-trapped. Approach them to trigger a Passive Perception and then disarm them. Each bookshelf has a special book within it regarding the Shar Sanctum.

However, for the Silent Library’s puzzle, you will absolutely need the book in the northeastern corner of the room. When leaving the library, it’s the bookshelf on the left of the stairs closest to the exit door titled: The Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger.

We recommend taking all the books in this area and looking at them, especially if you have yet to complete the other trials. Helpful information can be found in each.

How To Solve The Library Puzzle And Take The Spear

Nightsinger Book Inserted Into Riddle Of The Night Silent Library Puzzle

Take the Nightsinger book to the large iron doors at the bottom of the room. Lockpick them open and enter the next chamber cautiously.

There are several traps and vents in this room. You should disarm them while Group Mode is toggled off to prevent anyone from accidentally stepping on and triggering them.

Select the plaque in the center of the room to hear the riddle and then be given the prompt to insert and place an item. Answering the Riddle of the Night, open your inventory and drag and drop The Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger.

With the book placed, press Insert.

Spear Of Night Shar's Sanctum On Pedestal Behind Silent Library

The door into the next room will open. Enter it, and inside, you’ll find the Spear of Night on the center pedestal. Take it.

Additionally, before you leave and wrap up this puzzle with your new, shiny spear for your Nightsong quest, make sure to open that chest behind the pedestal. Surely, your Shadowheart would appreciate the Dark Justiciar’s Helm, a Very Rare magic item, you find inside.

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