How To Unlock The Alchemist Archetype In Remnant 2

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While playing Remnant 2, you get to choose your first Archetype by talking to Wallace after you’ve introduced yourself to the Ward 13 chief. These Archetypes are like classes that provide you with special buffs, and Wallace also mentions that you can change them anytime on your journey.



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Thankfully, the game doesn’t have any penalty or cost for changing your Archetype and you can even have two of them at the same time. Alchemist is one of the secret classes that can only be unlocked by getting into a specific area and serving yourself to the demons.

How To Unlock Alchemist Archetype

Technically, you can unlock the Alchemist Archetype quite early in the game since you only have to get to the Losomn area. This is one of the three randomized worlds that can appear in the first, third, or fourth position during a Campaign. Although, if you don’t get it as your first world, you can simply reroll your Campaign until you do.

Once you’re in Losomn, you’ll have to get to the village area where you fight human enemies that are acting off. Depending on the storyline you get, it can take you a bit of time to get there. In this village part, you’ll find numerous sewage caves that are completely dark, as shown in the picture above.

These caves will have iron right in front of them to lure you nearby sometimes.

As you get close, there’s a chance that an enemy will come out of the cave and drag you inside. This will play an animation that looks like your character is dead, but you’ll spawn in a new area after a few seconds. As you move around in this area, the same enemy will come out of one of the drains and start attacking you.

After defeating this enemy, you’ll get a pink-purple item called Mysterious Stone. This can be taken to Wallace and he’ll unlock the Alchemist Archetype in exchange for some Scrap and Lumenite Crystals. Once unlocked, you can equip this Archetype from your character information screen at any point.

All Alchemist Unlockable Abilities

Remnant 2 Alchemist Level Up Unlocks

Once you equip the Alchemist Archetype in one of your slots and start upgrading it, here are all the abilities that you can unlock:

Ability Type


Level Unlocked


Prime Perk


Only usable when Alchemist is Prime Archetype

The Archetype lets you have an extra Concoction buff at the same time.


Vial: Stone Mist


This Skill can either be pressed to throw a vapor at your feet or held to aim the location of the vapor. The produced vapor lasts for 10 seconds and reduces the damage taken.

It also reduces your Stagger and the Blight effect decays much faster while you’re in it. You also become immune to Status Effects.

Vial: Frenzy Dust


This Vial can also be used in both press and hold stances. It increases your Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Melee Damage for 15 seconds. Your Movement Speed is also increased by 15 percent.

Vial: Elixir Of Life


Working the same way as the other two Vials, this one gives you some health regeneration and prevents you from getting defeated. You can also revive downed players with it.


Liquid Courage


Increases all your damage by 2.5 percent.



The Curative effects are applied to all your teammates within 15 meters and grant some additional Resistance.

Gold To Lead


Whenever you pick up Scrap, you have a chance of regenerating some of your Ammo Reserve.



You get a random buff for 30 seconds after using a Relic, but this buff cannot be replaced until it runs out.



1 level for each Archetype level gained

Whenever a Consumable is used, they last for longer based on the level of this trait.

The Prime Perk is only applicable if the Alchemist Archetype is selected in the Prime Archetype slot.

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