How To Unlock The Peppermint Tea Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley

When someone needs help in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the whole valley tends to come together to help them out. Whether Scar needs help restoring his home, or Remy’s restaurant needs a helping hand, there’s a lot of work to be done.



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Even wise mentors like the Fairy Godmother need assistance sometimes. A few magical mishaps have occurred, and she’ll need your help to fix them in the quest Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops. This guide will show you how to complete the quest and progress your friendship with her further.

How To Begin The Quest

In order to begin Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops, you need to be at least friendship level seven with the Fairy Godmother, have completed her prior two quests, and have unlocked both Wall-E and Minnie Mouse.

Once you’ve hit the requirements, speak to her to begin the quest. She’ll accept your offer for help and want you to deliver a Peppermint Tea to Minnie.

How To Make The Peppermint Tea

Player character standing near lemons trees in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To make the tea, you’ll need one Lemon and one Mint. Lemons can be found on lemon trees in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor, while Mint grows randomly in the Frosted Heights.

Bring these to any cooking station in your home or a villager’s then make the tea.

Visit Minnie’s House

Player character standing near magic item in Minnie's House in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Deliver the tea to Minnie Mouse, and she’ll tell you about strange problems she’s having with her phonograph, then ask you to mention it to the Fairy Godmother. Use your camera to take a picture of the out-of-place game machine in Minnie’s house, then return to the Fairy Godmother.

How To Help The Fairy Godmother

Player character giving quest photo to the Fairy Godmother in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Show the Fairy Godmother your picture of the phonograph, and she’ll remark that you might be able to use the camera to keep her magic stabilized.

She asks you to gather five items for her for an enchantment: two Diamonds, five Crystals, three Glass, and five Dream Shards. You’ll also need to get a Lens from Wall-E.

  • Both Diamonds and Crystals can be mined from rocks in the Forgotten Lands. Crystals are common, and looking for any rocks with any light blue gems sticking out of them will guarantee you mine a diamond.
  • Glass is crafted at any crafting bench from three Sand. Sand can be found by digging at Dazzling Beach or breaking sea debris.
  • Dream Shards can be found by removing Night Thorns, digging up shining spots in the ground, or as a potential gift from feeding critters their favorite or liked food.

Once you acquire all the other items, speak to Wall-E, and he’ll hand over a Lens. Ensure everything’s in your inventory, then bring them to the Fairy Godmother.

How To Fix The Strange Occurrences

Player character about to choose photo mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Hand the items over to the Fairy Godmother, and she’ll turn them into an Enchanted Lens. She tells you that you’ll need to take pictures of the strange items, and you’ll specifically need to do it between four in the afternoon and midnight. Go into your inventory, use the Lens, and then you’re ready to proceed.

Player character near an odd object in Minnie's House in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The first object is in Minnie’s house.

Player character next to transformed bicycle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The second object is outside Goofy’s house.

Player character next to transformed espresso machine in Chez Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The third object is in Chez Remy.

Player character next to transformed parasol at Dazzling Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The fourth object is at Dazzling Beach.

Player character next to transformed mirror in Mother Gothel's House in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The fifth object is in Mother Gothel’s house.

Once you’ve taken photos of all the enchanted items and corrected them, go back to the Fairy Godmother, and you can complete the quest.

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