How To Unlock The Regained Humanity Reward Trait In The Sims 4: Vampires

While some vampires in The Sims 4: Vampires game pack may be infamous for their dark and mischievous ways, there’s a path of goodness that awaits those who desire to be benevolent beings of the night.



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The «Good Vampire Aspiration» invites you to embrace your vampire side while staying true to your friendly nature towards normal Sims. If you want your vampire Sim to be a benevolent, charming, and enigmatic being instead of conforming to the nasty, plasma-sucking stereotype, you’ve found the right place. Read on, and we’ll give you the complete run down on how to make the most virtuous vampire and unlock the unique Regained Humanity reward trait.

The Good Vampire Aspiration Overview

Unlike traditional vampirism, selecting this aspiration for your Sim will put you both on the trajectory of compassion, friendship, and trust.

Alongside the usual researching of vampire lore and developing supernatural abilities, your vampire Sim will be making friends with normal Sims, gaining their trust, and, for a good while, consuming plasma from alternative sources.

There are a couple of tasks that require you to perform certain actions for a specified amount of in game days in a row.

Just remember to keep persevering and paying attention so as not to miss performing the tasks for the day, otherwise your streak will reset.

There are four stages in the aspiration, each containing between three and four tasks that must be completed before moving onto the next stage.

The stages progress as follows:

  • Stage One – The Transformation (Three tasks)
  • Stage Two – Cope With Temptation (Four tasks)
  • Stage Three – Circle Of Trust (Four tasks)
  • Stage Four – Reject The Beast (Three tasks)

As this aspiration will require you to make friends, giving your Sim the outgoing trait can provide a slight boost in speeding up tasks about making friends with other Sims.

When your vampire Sim completes all stages of the good vampire aspiration, they will be awarded with the unique regained humanity reward trait.

As your vampire Sim has shown kindness and respect for normal Sims, having formed friendships with a good handful of them, other Sims will feel safe in your vampire Sim’s presence, and are much more likely to oblige to your request to drink plasma from them.

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Stage One: The Transformation

A Sim reading a vampire tome on a bench

Stage One Tasks

What You Need To Do

Use a computer to search for information on vampires

Have your Sim interact with a computer and begin researching vampire lore.

Reach level three in vampire lore

Continue researching vampire lore to level three. You will have the option to purchase your first vampire tome at level two. These books can level the vampire lore skill a little bit faster as they can be stored in your Sim’s inventory and be read anywhere.

Become a vampire

Either start as one through the CAS menu, or request an existing vampire to turn your Sim into one after befriending them.

How To Become A Vampire

The quickest way to complete this objective is to simply start out as a vampire Sim in the Create-A-Sim menu at the very beginning of the game.

However, if you wanted more of a challenge, or if you wanted your Sim to first start out as a normal Sim for storytelling purposes, you can be turned into a vampire.

Forgotten Hollow, the new world added in by the Vampires game pack, contains a handful of vampire Sims who will happily convert you into one of them after you improve your relationship with them.

Stage Two: Cope With Temptation

Two Sims having a conversation about vampires.

Stage Two Tasks

What You Need To Do

Drink a plasma pack

Reach level three in vampire lore to unlock the option to purchase plasma packs through your Sim’s computer.

Make five friends

Simply progress through the usual friendship building actions with five other Sims.

Reach level four in vampire lore

Continue studying and researching vampire tomes to advance your vampire lore skill level to four.

Don’t drink deeply for five days in a row

You must either use the compel for a small drink or ask for permission options to satisfy your vampire Sim’s needs. Alternatively, you can stick to consuming any plasma fruits and plasma packs you may buy or find in the world.

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Stage Three: Circle Of Trust

A Sim drinking a Plasma Pack

Stage Three Tasks

What You Need To Do

Make two good friends.

Continue building up friendships with two Sims until both are good friends.

Get permission to drink from two Sims.

Ask the two good friends for permission to drink from them. While you can ask any Sim for permission, you’ll have a far better time asking the two good friends you have recently made.

Buy the ‘Tamed Thirst’ vampire power.

Attain grand master vampire rank and purchase the Tamed Thirst vampire power perk.

Create three plasma packs from fish or frogs.

Reach level four in vampire lore to unlock the ability to make plasma packs from fishes and frogs. Once you catch either, you can convert them into plasma packs through your vampire Sim’s inventory.

How To Level Up Through The Different Vampire Ranks

As you progress and complete tasks for the good vampire aspiration, your vampire Sim will gain experience points, power points, and proceed to level up from a mere vampire fledgling through to grand master vampire.

The aspiration tasks alone will not be enough to simply level up to the highest rank; your Sim must perform vampiric actions to continue gaining experience in order to level up.

To accumulate vampire experience to earn points, make sure to continue studying vampire lore, requesting permission to drink from Sims, and sparring other vampire Sims.

Stage Four: Reject The Beast

A vampire Sim standing beside a plasma fruit tree in the night time.

Level Four Tasks

What You Need To Do

Make a best friend forever.

Continue building upon the good friendship status with a Sim from the previous level and, once ready, have your vampire Sim ask them to be BFF’s.

Harvest from a plasma fruit tree three times in a row.

There are a couple of plasma fruit trees scattered around the Forgotten Hollow that you must harvest three times in a row. To make this task easier, consider growing plasma fruit trees from the ones you have harvested. Once you reach vampire lore level eight, you can purchase plasma fruit directly from the computer to be planted and grown.

Don’t drink without permission for 14 days in a row.

You must always satiate your vampire Sims’ thirst by asking other Sims’ permission for two weeks of in game time. This is the longest task to complete, so just remember to never deeply drink or choose any other option than asking for permission.

After you complete all the tasks for the last stage of the good vampire aspiration, you will be granted the regained humanity trait as a reward for your perseverance and hard work.

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