The Fastest Way To Make Gold In Palia

The fastest way to make gold in Palia is a mixture of hunting, fishing, and farming. Due to the fast spawns for Sernuk in particular in certain parts of Bahari Bay and Kilima means you can get a lot of hide, meat, and antlers quickly. As for farming, you can grow gold crops like Wheat and Rice alongside your quest and food vegetables. Fishing is great, but is a little more time-consuming, and you need resources like Worms and Glow Worms to catch the more expensive fish.



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This guide covers some reliable methods for getting lots of gold, including spots to hunt and fish.

How To Make Gold Hunting

Hunting is one of the most lucrative ways to make gold in the early game of Palia.

Here’s a breakdown of a simple farming route and method to make gold:

  • Head to Bahari Bay
  • Hunt for Sernuk around Windy Falls
  • Head along the coast picking up shells and oysters
  • Make your way to the north of the map, then hunt Sernuk across Proudhorn Falls and Flooded Steps

You will sell all meat and antlers in your shipping bin, and turn the hides into leather to generate more cash. Hides sell for 13 gold, whereas leather sells for 15 gold.

Sell all shells and coral that you pick up, and open oysters to get pearls and meat to sell.

Elder Sernuk, those the darker-colored Sernuk, take four shots to kill with a Standard Arrow and three shots to kill with a Fine Arrow. You might want to consider using Slow Arrows to make it easier to hunt them.

Save your Dispel Arrows if you find a rare blue Sernuk – these teleport away from you unless you use the Dispel Arrows.

Easy Hunting In Kilima

If you’d rather really speed up the process and spend your time only hunting for gold, you can hunt Sernuk in and around Kilima Village.

  • Get Standard Arrows from Hassian
  • Hunt Sernuk (you can kill them in one shot)
  • Grab their meat, hides, and antlers, and sell them
  • Rinse and repeat over and over again for profit

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How To Make Gold Farming

Palia farming gold

In terms of the crops that produce the most gold, Tomatoes are your best bet.

This is because a single tomato plant can generate multiple tomatoes over a few days, whereas other crops just produce 1–3 vegetables per seed.

However, because of the way that companion planting works in Palia, you likely want a set-up that looks like this for your farm plots:










This way, all the plants get a quality and water retain bonus because they’re next to their companion plants.

Invest early on in tomato seeds, and you should be able to turn a healthy profit.

Starred seeds will provide a quality boost for the vegetables and other crops, and it also means you won’t need to use QualityUp Fertiziler on those plants. Use something else, like Weed or WaterGro fertilizer on starred seeds.

Other Methods To Make Gold

Palia shells oysters coral

Early on, it’s a great idea to sell mostly everything – you want to hold on to certain rare items (like bugs, fish, etc.), but most materials (like leather, fabric, etc.) will all come around again.

You want to get your crafters online and tools upgraded quickly, so you are maximizing your time doing farming routes.

Fish and bugs will sell in your shipping bin.

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