What Should You Do With The Plain Ribbon In Remnant 2?

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The more time you invest in playing Remnant 2, the more exciting discoveries you’ll make. The game offers a wide range of activities, including defeating bosses, making decisions, meeting NPCs and solving puzzles. The dynamic and randomly generated nature of the game keeps the experience feeling endless.



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One of the intriguing worlds within the game is called Losomn. It stands out because it has two distinct sides: The Fae World, which is divided into Light and Dark realms, and the sketchy city of Dran. As you explore the palace, you’ll come across curious statues depicting two Faes holding hands which you can interact with, however, you might have no idea how to proceed.

Where To Find The Plain Ribbon

The Plain Ribbon is a Quest Item that you can find in Losomn.

Since most elements in the game are randomly generated, including locations and items, there isn’t a specific spot for the Plain Ribbon, and its place will vary from one to another. However, you can easily recognize it by its red glow on the ground.

You have a chance to find the Plain Ribbon in these areas:

  • Council Chambers
  • Shattered Gallery
  • Gilded Chambers
  • The Great Hall

If you’re unable to locate any of these places in your current game, try rerolling Losomn in Adventure Mode.

The Plain Ribbon isn’t the only thing you’re required to locate in Losomn. Additionally, you’ll need to stumble upon the Statues Event.

The Statues Event in Losomn Remnant 2

Finding this Statues Event might also entail some searching, as it can appear randomly in the same locations mentioned earlier for the Plain Ribbon.

It’s unlikely to find the Ribbon Plain and the Statues Event in the same location.

When you come across both the Plain Ribbon and the Statues Event, it’s time to solve the mystery of the two Fae statues joined in hand.

What Should You Do With The Plain Ribbon?

Using the Plain Ribbon in the Statues Event Remnant 2

You can use the Plain Ribbon in the Statues Event to obtain either the Golden Ribbon or the Silver Ribbon. The steps are easy and straightforward.

First, place the Plain Ribbon in the statues and then exit the area. After that, simply return to the statues and collect your reward.

Collecting the Ribbon Reward from the Statues Event Remnant 2

Losomn has two facets: the Light side and the Dark side. The ribbon you receive as a reward is determined by the location of the Statue Event.

You can only receive one ribbon per run, but if you’re able to obtain both in separate attempts, you have the option to visit Nimue and craft Nimue’s Ribbon by using both the Silver and Gold Ribbons.

Here’s a table to provide a clear breakdown:

Ribbon Amulet


Statue Event Location

Silver Ribbon

25 percent increase in Skill Damage.

Grant Haste when activating a Skill for 15 seconds.

Shattered Gallery or the Great Hall (Dark Losomn)

Golden Ribbon

25 percent increase in Mod Damage.

Grant Haste when activating a Mod for 15 seconds.

Gilded Chambers or Council Chamber (Light Losomn)

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