What To Do With The On The Transference Of Souls 2 In Dragon’s Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the world is expansive and filled with opportunities to keep you engaged at every turn. From hidden locations and dungeons to chests and characters offering quests, there’s something to discover in every corner. This approach makes exploration feel incredibly rewarding and actively encourages it, particularly when it comes to quests.




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Since quests in this game aren’t indicated by obvious markers like exclamation points over characters’ heads, you’ll need to approach every character you encounter in towns or in the world and interact with them to see if they have a quest for you. Alternatively, sometimes you may even be approached by characters while simply going about your business, adding to the dynamic nature of quest discovery in the game.

How To Start The Short-Sighted Ambition

This quest is available after you reach Battahl and in order to get to that region, you can either progress through the story and it will take you there automatically or take a detour at the Checkpoint Rest Town. Either way, once you reach the capital, Bakbattahl, you need to locate Issac shop which is located in the Mercantile Ward area.

Simply approach the shop keeper Issac and buy anything from him and it will trigger the quest. Issac will then ask you if you can find him a Ripened Quince. While you cant find exactly a Ripened Quince, you can find a Quince and then get the Ripened status for it later.

Where To Find The Ripened Quince

While there isn’t a single definitive location to find a Quince, the closest one can be found to the far west of Bakbattahl, near the river. Head in that direction, and you’ll come across small tree branches bearing yellow fruits — that’s the Quince you’re searching for.

Now to ripen this fruit into a Ripened Quince, simply use one of the benches at Bakbattahl and doze off for a couple of days. Be sure to check the fruit’s status each day as ripening occurs gradually over time for fruits.

resting at an inn or in a house
will also achieve the same result, but using the benches is the easiest and cost-effective method.

Arisen about to give Issac a Ripened Quince - Dragon's Dogma 2

Once you have the Ripened Quince, return to Issac and give it to him. He’ll then ask you to wait a few days before checking on him again. To pass the time quickly, simply rest at a bench, inn, or house.

Completing the next step
will result in being locked out of Ibrahim’s store
. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase anything you want from him before proceeding with the quest.

How To Get The On The Transference Of Souls 2

After a couple of days have passed, return to Issac and speak with him. He’ll have one more request for you: to retrieve the second pair of the special grimoire, which is the On The Transference Of Souls 2. You may have already seen it for sale and wondered about its purpose. Well, now you’ll know.

Make your way to the Checkpoint Rest Town and visit Ibrahim’s Scrap Store. Speak with Ibrahim, and he’ll have the On The Transference Of Souls 2 available for purchase, priced at only 2,000 G. After acquiring the grimoire, return to Issac and hand it over to him.

In a somber turn of events, Issac will ask you to follow him home, where he’ll attempt to perform the spell on his daughter and wife. This leads to a sad ending, but on the bright side, completing this task will finish the quest, and among the rewards, you’ll receive the Ring of Disfavor.

Alternative Outcome

Arisen about to give the On The Transit of Souls 2, the forgery one, to Issac - Dragon's Dogma 2

There’s another way to complete this mission. You can create a fake copy of On The Transference Of Souls 2 using Ibrahim’s services. After a few days, the forgery will be ready for you to claim from him, and you’ll receive On The Transit of Souls 2. When you interact with Issac, give him the forgery, which leads to a better outcome.

With this, Issac will be able to sell you the first volume of On The Transference Of Souls when he returns to his shop. Combining the two volumes of the book will grant you a grimoire that allows you to cast Celestial Paean.


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