Where To Find Oily Anchovy In Palia

Oily Anchovies are a fish required for a couple of different quests in Palia. Here’s how to find them.

Oily Anchovy is a fish located in the Bahari Bay region of Palia. You’ll need to fish in Rivers throughout the zone while using Worm as bait to be able to catch one. They are available throughout the day, dusk til dawn.



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This guide covers the areas that you can hunt for the Oily Anchovy in the region, with an easy map to follow to point you in the right direction. We’ll also go over how much the fish sells for and what you might need it for.

Where To Fish For Oily Anchovy

Proudhorn Pass Fishing Location

Oily Anchovy can be fished for in rivers in Bahari Bay. It can be a little tricky to determine what’s a river and what isn’t, so follow the handy map above and head to those spots to look for the fish.

Specifically, we usually head for Proudhorn Pass as it’s a long river and is easily accessible, and has multiple hotspot spawns.

  • To catch an Oily Anchovy, you need to use a Worm as bait
    • Worms can be grown on your plot using a Worm Farm and some organic matter, or purchased at Zeki’s General Store
  • Oily Anchovy can be caught at any time of day
  • The standard Oily Anchovy sells for 35 gold, whereas the starred version sells for 52 gold

Be wary that not every bit of water of inland Bahari Bay counts as a «river». You won’t be able to catch Oily Anchovy in any of the small ponds or on the coastline.

Oily Anchovy is required for Nai’o’s recipe quest – if you’re looking to complete it, head over to this region and start fishing. You could also hold on to spares for potential weekly gifts for villagers.

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