Where To Get The Mutated Angler In Palia

The Mutated Angler is one of the rarer fish in Palia which can be given as a loved gift or to complete the bundle. Here’s where to catch it.

The Mutated Angler is a rare fish that needs to be caught in a cave, at any time of the day, using a Worm as bait. Different fish have different requirements in Palia, and to maximize your chances of catching them, it’s a good idea to follow clear guidelines of when, where, and how to catch certain fish. The Mutated Angler is required to complete the Night Sky Temple bundle as well as a loved gift for Jina.



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Below is a map and guide on where to catch Mutated Angler fish – primarily in the Pavel Mines cave located in Bahari Bay.

Where To Find The Mutated Angler

Bahari Caves Fishing Location Pavel Mines

The Mutated Angler is located inside cave fishing spots, of which there is currently only one in the game – located inside Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay. You can see the location on the map above.

The pond is located inside the mines – you can see the exact location in the image below. Right next to the waterfall as you enter from the southern entrance. There aren’t that many routes to take inside the mine, so don’t worry about getting lost.

Bahari Caves Fishing Location

  • Once there, you’ll need to use Worms as bait to catch the Mutated Angler (you can equip worms by left-clicking once you’ve got the rod out)
  • Mutated Angler is rare, which means you’ll need to spend quite a lot of time fishing – thankfully, it doesn’t have time requirements, which means you can fish here all day trying to catch it
  • Other fish spawn in the cave, including Eels, Bat Rays and Void Rays (these can be difficult to catch with a low-level rod)
  • A regular Mutated Angler sells for 145 gold, and a star version sells for 217 (however, we don’t recommend you sell these, as they are rare, and you’ll need them for gifts)

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