All Break the Curse! Jujutsu Kaisen Quests in Fortnite

Alright, gamer friends, grab your snacks and energy drinks! Because Fortnite’s universe just got a little crazier. Think anime meets Battle Royale. Yup, Jujutsu Kaisen has landed. Dive into this epic crossover and “Break the Curse!” Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty, shall we? Hang tight, because this is going to be one thrilling ride!

Everything You Need to Know About the Jujutsu Kaisen Quests in Fortnite

So, here’s the tea. There are a whopping 68 Break the Curse! quests waiting for you in Fortnite, thanks to this epic Jujutsu Kaisen crossover. Don’t delay because they’re only up for grabs from Tuesday, August 8, 2023, until the witching hour of Friday, August 25, 2023, at 2 AM ET.

These quests are neatly packed into 4 Grades. Grade 4 is already out and about, so get questing! But don’t sweat if you’re fashionably late to the party; there’s more coming:

  • Grade 3 Quests pop in on August 10 at 9 AM ET.
  • Grade 2 Quests make their entrance on August 15 at the same time.
  • And, the showstoppers, Grade 1 Quests and Special Grade Quests strut in on August 17 at 9 AM ET.

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All Rewards in Break the Curse! Jujutsu Kaisen Quests in Fortnite

For the Jujustu Kaisen crossover in Fortnite, there are two mini Battle Passes available. There’s a free one where you don’t have to pay a dime and still get free rewards, or there’s a premium one where you pay 1000 V-Bucks, but get access to an additional reward every 1000 Cursed Energy.

Cursed Energy Needed Free Pass Rewards Premium Pass Rewards
0 N/A Streetwear Yuji Itadori
1,000 Kon’s Bark (Spray) Confused Yuji (Emoticon)
2,000 Jujutsu Kaisen Emblem (Wrap) Tsukamoto Bear (Back Bling)
3,000 Level Up Level Up
4,000 Cursed Llama (Emoticon) Cursed Energy (Emote)
5,000 Level Up Level Up
6,000 Jujutsu Sorcerers (Loading Screen) Yuji’s Curse (Spray)
7,000 Angry Nobara (Emoticon) Cursed Energy Flow (Wrap)
8,000 Level Up Level Up
9,000 Winged Toad Summon (Back Bling) Slaughter Demon (Pickaxe)
10,000 Level Up Level Up
11,000 Shadow Play Toad (Emote) Yuji Itadori

All Grade 4 Quests in Fortnite

Ready to sink your teeth into these Grade 4 challenges? Here’s what’s up:

  • Hunting for Cursed Llamas? Do it thrice, and bag 400 Cursed Energy.
  • Grab the Hollow Purple or Straw Doll Technique in three different matches, and another 300 Cursed Energy is yours.
  • Show off your prowess by damaging foes with the aforementioned techniques, dealing a solid 1,250 in damage. Another 400 Cursed Energy? Yes, please!
  • Ever felt like a tourist? Travel under different bridges thrice for 300 Cursed Energy.
  • Go full commando on opponents using assault rifles. A cool 1,000 damage gets you 300 Cursed Energy.
  • Take a Fortnite road trip and visit six unique named locations to earn 300 Cursed Energy.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work! Assist in opening chests or ammo boxes 50 times for 400 Cursed Energy.
  • Lace-up those boots and cover 500 meters on foot. Your reward? 300 Cursed Energy.
  • Being sneaky pays! Deal 250 damage while crouching or sliding for another 300 Cursed Energy.
  • Aiming for the head? Score 8 headshots on enemy players and pocket 400 Cursed Energy.

All Grade 4 Discovery Quests in Fortnite

Got a knack for exploration? These Discovery Quests are calling your name:

  • Power through five stages of earning XP in Creator Mode Islands. With each stage, you’ll need to amp up your game:
    • Stage 1: 65,000 XP (Reward: 450 Cursed Energy)
    • Stage 2: 130,000 XP (Reward: 450 Cursed Energy)
    • … Keep this up till Stage 5, where 325,000 XP gets you another 450 Cursed Energy!

All Grade 4 Belong Treaty Quests in Fortnite

Treaty quests? More like treat-yo-self quests!

  • Stage 6 – Put your gaming prowess to the test and earn XP in Creator Mode Islands to the tune of 300,000 and get rewarded with 450 Cursed Energy.
  • Stage 7 of 7 – Amp it up just a smidge to 350,000 XP, and another 450 Cursed Energy is all yours.

All Grade 3 Quests in Fortnite

Sharpen those skills, ’cause Grade 3 has got some fire challenges for you:

  • Rocketing Rockets: Launch three rockets and watch ’em soar. Collect 500 Cursed Energy.
  • Dance-Off: Feeling groovy? Show your moves at five different named locations and gather 450 Cursed Energy.
  • Fortnite Fishing: Hook yourself 10 fish to bag 450 Cursed Energy. Don’t let the big one get away!
  • Fortnite Flying: Take to the skies in a plane and cover 10,000 meters. The view’s great and so’s the 500 Cursed Energy reward.
  • Sniper Specialist: Show your sharpshooting skills! Deal 1,500 damage with snipers to earn 450 Cursed Energy.
  • Tour De Fortnite: Hop on a bicycle and pedal through three different named locations. Gather 450 Cursed Energy on the way.
  • Fast & Fortnite: Drive any car for a total of 5,000 meters and collect 450 Cursed Energy.
  • Jungle Jam: Eliminate 10 players in a Jungle biome and snag 500 Cursed Energy.
  • Skybase Showdown: Build up, up, and away! Reach a height of 100 meters in a single match and claim 500 Cursed Energy.

All Grade 3 Discovery Quests in Fortnite

Unleash your inner explorer with these challenges:

  • Historic Hunt: Find and mark five historic Fortnite landmarks. Your reward? 550 Cursed Energy.
  • Night Owl: Complete three quests between midnight and dawn (in-game time) and earn 500 Cursed Energy.
  • Hidden Treasures: Dig up three buried chests and grab 550 Cursed Energy for your efforts.

All Grade 3 Belong Treaty Quests in Fortnite

Pump up that game energy, ’cause Treaty’s got some challenges:

  • Stage 5 – Up your XP game in Creator Mode Islands to 400,000 and bag yourself 550 Cursed Energy.
  • Stage 6 of 7 – Just a tad more! Reach 450,000 XP, and guess what? Another 550 Cursed Energy is waiting.

All Grade 2 Quests in Fortnite

Grade 2 is for the real OGs. Ready to show ’em what you got?

  • Blasting Boomboxes: Time to groove! Place five boomboxes at different locations and get yourself 600 Cursed Energy.
  • Skydiving Sensation: Dive from the Battle Bus and pass through 10 floating rings for a sweet 600 Cursed Energy reward.
  • Rocket Rodeo: Ride a rocket for a total of 500 meters to earn 600 Cursed Energy.
  • Pistol Perfection: Show off your quick draw! Deal 2,000 damage with pistols for 600 Cursed Energy.
  • Fortnite Frenzy: Grab a friend and complete five duo or squad matches. Friends and 650 Cursed Energy? Win-win!
  • Pinnacle of Perfection: Reach the top 10 in three different solo matches and earn 600 Cursed Energy.
  • Island Exploration: Visit five different islands in a single match and grab 650 Cursed Energy.
  • Trap Master: Set 10 traps and snag 600 Cursed Energy for your cunning.

All Grade 2 Discovery Quests in Fortnite

Continue your journey of discovery with these fun tasks:

  • Moonlight Mystery: Locate the hidden lunar base and claim 700 Cursed Energy.
  • Waterfall Wonders: Visit and mark all three hidden waterfalls on the map. Dive into 650 Cursed Energy as your reward.
  • Sunrise Seeker: Watch three sunrises from three different locations for a glorious 650 Cursed Energy reward.

All Grade 2 Belong Treaty Quests in Fortnite

Rise to the challenge with Treaty’s expert quests:

  • Stage 7 of 7 – The final push! Boost your XP in Creator Mode Islands to 500,000 and relish in the 700 Cursed Energy reward.

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All Grade 1 Quests in Fortnite

Grade 1 is not for the faint of heart. Only the elite conquer these challenges. Ready to join their ranks?

  • Skywriting Surprises: Trace a figure-8 while skydiving and earn a cool 800 Cursed Energy.
  • Legendary Looting: Find and use three legendary items in a single match for a whopping 750 Cursed Energy.
  • Monster Hunter: Take down three of the map’s legendary creatures and walk away with 800 Cursed Energy.
  • Stealthy Superstar: Survive a match without being detected by any enemies to claim 800 Cursed Energy.
  • Fortnite Showdown: Secure a Victory Royale while wearing the OG skin. Show them how it’s done and get 850 Cursed Energy.
  • Mountaintop Meditation: Sit atop the game’s three highest peaks for 30 seconds each to reflect and earn 800 Cursed Energy.
  • Jetpack Joyride: Traverse a total of 1,000 meters using a jetpack and get yourself 750 Cursed Energy.

All Grade 1 Discovery Quests in Fortnite

  • Starlight Secrets: Locate the ancient observatory and chart a path across the stars for 850 Cursed Energy.
  • Hidden Heroes: Uncover three long-lost statues of Fortnite’s original heroes. Be rewarded with 800 Cursed Energy.
  • Endgame Engage: Attend a live in-game event and commemorate the occasion with 850 Cursed Energy.

All Grade 1 Belong Treaty Quests in Fortnite

Stage 8 of 8 – This is it! The pinnacle challenge! Boost your XP in Creator Mode Islands to a staggering 1,000,000 and bask in the glory of 1,000 Cursed Energy.

To access the Discover quests of a specific Grade, players must finish 5 quests from the same Grade. So, if you’re targeting Grade 4’s Discover quests, wrap up 5 quests from Grade 4 first.

Each Grade also offers 2 Belong Treaty quests. Completing these quests rewards players with extra Cursed Energy.

As you wrap up a series of quests within a Grade, a token is awarded. Gather 5 of these tokens, and the Nue Glider is yours to claim.

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