Anime Fighting Simulator X: A Guide to Stats, Power, & Special Abilities

Ever found yourself lost in the wild world of Anime Fighting Simulator X on Roblox? Been there, felt that! Between the jaw-dropping battles and the plethora of stats and abilities, it can feel like you’ve dived into the deep end of anime goodness. So, you’re looking for a lifeline, a guide to make sense of it all? Well, guess what? You’re in the right place! Let’s break down those stats, power up, and unleash some anime-style mayhem.

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The Ultimate Guide to Stats, Power & Special Abilities in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Alright, let’s dive into the juicy details of Anime Fighting Simulator X. Every time you unveil a special ability, it’s got this mesmerizing color that screams, “Look at me!” Each of these colors isn’t just for show; they’re giving you hints, whispers of which stat it’s tied to.

Ever played with your Power Menu? You should! There, you’ll catch a glimpse of all your power’s abilities, each flaunting a specific color, and every color has a meaning. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Red = Strength: Think of the mightiest anime characters flexing their muscles. That’s red for you!
  • Blue = Durability: Ever seen those invincible anime heroes? Yep, that’s the blue vibe!
  • Purple = Chakra: Feeling all spiritual and mystical? You’re channeling some purple energy!
  • Green = Sword: For those moments you wanna slice and dice with style.
  • Yellow = Speed: Because who doesn’t want to be the fastest ninja in the room?

AFSX Strength – Red

Think of Goku or All Might throwing a smash. The fiery red abilities in Anime Fighting Simulator X are tied to your Strength stat. The more you pump those anime-style muscles and level up your Strength, the more devastating your red abilities become. Your punches become meteoric, and your kicks? Oh boy, you don’t even want to know. Train hard, and remember: it’s not just about the size of the biceps but the power you pack in them.

Strength Special Abilities & Powers

Heavy Punch

Throw a powerful overhand punch dealing a large amount of damage.

Serious Punch

Throw an extremely powerful punch that annihilates everything in your path.

Rapid Punch

Unleash a rapid series of strikes that hit the target repeatedly.

Conqueror’s Haki

By harnessing the user’s immense willpower, unleash a devastating aura capable of decimating all nearby enemies.

AFSX Durability – Blue

Ever wondered how some anime characters just won’t go down, no matter how many blows they take? That’s the beauty of Durability. Blue powers in this game are all about making you an immovable rock in the face of danger. Buffing up in attack, defense, and then some. Level up this stat, and you’ll become that hero who laughs in the face of danger. Or at least, you know, doesn’t get knocked out in the first round.

Durability Special Abilities & Powers 


Harness the energy of a Hollow to get a surge in power. Equipping this transformation will give you 30% damage reduction and 40% universal damage boost.


The user inbues their hands with a powerful armor that increases all damage by 20% and health by 10%,

Forth Gate

By opening the Gate of Pain, the user is able to boost their overall speed and critical damage chance. Strength-based damage and max HP are also increased by 25%.


Harness the power of the sun to unleash devastating strikes of electricity when you hit your enemy. Increases damage from all abilities by 30%

Super Saiyan

Push beyond your limits and unleash the legendary power of the Super Saiyan. Gain a 20% boost to all Strength and Chakra attacks, as well as 20% increase your maximum health upon activation.

AFSX Chakra – Purple

Mystical, spiritual, and oh-so-powerful! Purple abilities are the heartbeats of your inner energy – your Chakra. If you’ve ever wanted to pull off moves that leave people gaping in awe (or just your cat, if you’re playing at home), then you’ll want to master this. The strength and impact of these abilities dance with the rhythm of your Chakra levels. So, meditate, train, and unleash those fantastic purple moves.

Chakra Special Abilities & Powers 


A lethal lightning attack that inflicts deadly damage upon impact.


Fire a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy that will disintegrate your foe.


Shoot a beam of concentrated energy that obliterates anything in its path.

Spirit Bomb

Harness the spirit energy around you and unleash an unstoppable ultimate attack.


Concentrate a large amount of Chakra into your hand and launch yourself forward, dealing massive damage to the opponents upon impact

Fallen Down

An extremely powerful Super Tier spell that annihilates everything around the caster.

AFSX Sword – Green

Whether you idolize Zoro from One Piece or you’re more of a Bleach fan, swords are essential in the anime universe. Green abilities in Anime Fighting Simulator X sharpen your swordplay, literally and figuratively. The effectiveness of these moves is directly influenced by your Sword level. So the next time you draw your sword, know that with every slash, you’re carving your destiny. And probably scaring off opponents too!

Sword Special Abilities & Powers


Unleash a swift and merciless round of slashes to cut down your enemies.

Multi Slash

Unleash a flurry of rapid strikes with your blade, slicing through any enemies in front of you.

Rising Slash

Create a cyclone of slashes with your blade that gravely lacerates anyone inside it.

Flying Slash

Unleash a blade strike that slashes through your foes.

Getsuga Tenshou

Release a powerful slash that cuts everything in its path.

Ki Slash

Unleash a barrage of razor sharp slashes from your sword.


Cut through your foes at lightning speed using your blade.

Devasting Lunge

Lunge forward to deliver a deadly strike with your blade.

AFSX Speed – Yellow

Flash? Sonic? Nah, think even faster. The world of anime is filled with speedsters, and if you’re keen on joining their ranks, then the yellow abilities are your golden ticket. Tied directly to the Speed stat, these abilities dictate not only how swift you move but also how gracefully you dodge attacks. Every level up is another step toward becoming a blur in battle, leaving foes wondering what just happened.


Boost yourself forward to move swiftly or dodge incoming attacks.

Flash Step

A technique that allows the user to move at ultrasonic speeds.


Geppo grants the user the ability to propel themselves upwards by leaping off the air.

Knowing the color-coded stats is more than just eye candy; it’s the essence of your growth in Anime Fighting Simulator X. Keep pushing those boundaries, leveling up each stat, and soon enough, you’ll find your special abilities scaling to heights you’ve only dreamt of. It’s not just about fighting; it’s about mastering the art of anime combat.

AFSX Conclusion

The world of “Anime Fighting Simulator X” is rich, vibrant, and waiting for you to make your mark. By understanding and focusing on each color-coded stat – Strength (Red), Durability (Blue), Chakra (Purple), Sword (Green), and Speed (Yellow) – you’re setting yourself up for success. Whether you’re dodging at lightning speed, delivering powerful punches, or swinging your sword with precision, mastering these stats is your ticket to becoming a legendary anime fighter. So dive in, train hard, and let the colors of your abilities shine bright!

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