Barack Obama Is A Captain Falcon Main, Apparently

The original Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 might not be as famed as its sequel Melee, but it has a hardcore fanbase all the same. One of those fans, Cody Daniels, got the chance to play a bit of Smash 64 with President Barack Obama as part of a Make-A-Wish in 2015, and he says the former Commander-In-Chief mains Captain Falcon–and what’s more, he’s not too shabby at the game, either.

Speaking to Smash community figure Tafo as part of a recent stream, Daniels said that he got to play Smash 64 with Obama at the White House. As part of the experience, he got a signed copy of the game, as well as a special card protector coin. Daniels further said that Obama was significantly better at the game than he expected, especially compared to average casual players.

Daniels is now an organizer in the Smash 64 scene, having hosted one of the largest house tournaments ever for the game. Besides Smash, he’s perhaps best known as a poker player, recently winning $11,000 as part of the «reality poker show» Max Pain Monday. Daniels donated all of his winnings to the Make-A-Wish foundation in order to «pay it forward» and help someone else have the experience that he did back in 2015. For more on Daniels’ work in the Smash 64 scene, check out The 64 Story’s documentary on Operation Desert Smash.

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