CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ – Best Loot Locations For Season 5

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone is live, and you’ll want the best loot to get geared up for this new season of DMZ. Here we’ll guide you through areas worth visiting to get you and your squadmates the best loot hauls on Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, and Vondel.

Active Combat Zones

One new way to score plenty of high-tier loot is to visit one of Season 5’s new Active Combat Zones. These are random instances across the main POIs on each map, where you’ll see AI enemy factions battling each other, and there will be smoke billowing from the area. Within this zone you’ll be fighting the AI enemies, their killstreaks, and any human opponents that might challenge you for the loot. Survive and you’ll be able to score several orange boxes with high-tier gear.

Al Mazrah


Al Mazrah has two trains circling the map, and both the cargo and passenger trains have decent supply boxes to scavenge, including orange boxes for getting quick items like backpacks, armor vests, killstreaks, and more.

Underground Stronghold

There is a Stronghold location to the map just north of Hydro, but it can be a bit tricky to find. This is an underground location, and there are multiple entrances all around the Stronghold’s map icon. There is an entrance inside a building located just above the Stronghold hold and a nearby well with a zipline going down, but a sneakier way to enter is to use the new tunnel access shown in the screenshot below. You will need a Stronghold keycard, which is a pretty common keycard, but this area provides one of the most loot-filled Strongholds in Al Mazrah.

Crypto Mining Farm

The Sawah Village Crypto Mining Farm is still a great way to get cash and high-end items like GPUs and encrypted hard drives, but the building’s easy access from previous seasons has been boarded up, and you will need the Crypto Mining Farm key or a skeleton key to enter.

Ashika Island

Drifting Supply Bag duffle

Head out into the water at this northern point of the map, swim farther north to the Coastal Ruins, and dive down to locate a locked duffle bag underwater. This is found on the tac-map in the top right portion of the D2 quadrant. You’ll need the Drifting Supply Bag key to unlock this duffle bag, but once opened you’ll be able to loot three Ashika masks. These masks can be sold for $25,000 each, so this is one of the easiest ways to get the cash you need to buy expensive upgrades like the three-plate vest and large backpack.

The Drifting Supply Bag key can be looted from the map at random or scavenged from dead players.

If you have the H.M.S. Shipwreck Cache in your inventory, you can head to the Shipwreck POI first. Just swim down into the flooded ship to unlock the secured cache that always contains a golden skull and the key for the Drifting Supply Bag. Then, you can swim or boat around to the top of the map to open the Drifting Supply Bag duffle.


One of the best places for high-tier loot on Vondel is the Aquarium. This is a locked space, but don’t worry if you don’t have the key. You can access the aquarium’s interior from the rooftop, which you can gain access to by mantling up on some trash cans as shown in the screenshot below. Just keep mantling up the roof until you reach the elevator shaft, ascend down into the aquarium and take out the guards. This gives you two floors of high-tier loot, including several orange boxes.

Another quick way to get geared up on Vondel without a key is to access the map’s «stuck door» townhouse. This requires a Rebreather field upgrade to locate the hidden entrance, but we have a full guide on completing this short Easter egg and gaining access to this house filled with loot. This might not have enough loot to fully gear up your whole squad, but it’s a nice starting point for your team or a quiet way to get looted up as a solo player.

Cruise Terminal is a massive POI, and if you have the Cruise Terminal key or a skeleton key, you can get several orange boxes from this two-story building. Your whole squad should be able to get geared up with better backpacks, vests, killstreaks, and more.

Season 5 of DMZ also adds the powerful MRAP vehicle, and here we guide you through accessing a key to unlock it. Here’s how you can unlock the new equipment upgrades, including more armor plates, armor box, and a self-revive for solo infil.

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