Create An Immersive Driving Setup With This Logitech Racing Wheel Bundle

Simulation driving games are all about immersion and realism, and nothing enhances the experience more than a racing wheel controller. Unfortunately, these can be expensive, and bundling in extra peripherals like a shifting stick or pedals only raises the price. However, thanks to a PC and PlayStation and another compatible with Xbox and PC. The discount applies to both setups.

Aside from the differences in connectivity and button layouts, both versions of the G29 racing controller are identical in features and size, with the wheel measuring 11 inches in diameter and attaching to your desk or tabletop with simple clamps. The included peripherals all plug into your PC or console via USB. PC users can also customize the G29’s wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels, and button/pedal layouts using the G Hub desktop app.

If you want to go even bigger with your immersive racing setup, there’s another discounted bundle that includes the G29 wheel, pedals, G Driving Force shifter, plus an Astro A20 wireless gaming headset for $434.23 (normally $479.97) available for both PlayStation/PC and Xbox/PC.

We’re not sure how long these Logitech racing peripheral deals will be around, so be sure to grab the package while it’s on sale if you’re interested.

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