Hacker Plaguing Overwatch 2 Livestreams Actually People's Hero John Cena

«Sometimes a face you can’t see is just what the world needs».

A mysterious and enigmatic figure known only as The Enigma has been hacking into the streams of some of Twitch’s biggest stars, bearing «warnings of the looming threat of Null Sector, an antagonistic group of Omnics that will soon invade the world of Overwatch». This individual has been revealed to be actor, professional wrestler and former rapper John Cena.

It remains unclear why Mr Cena went to such lengths to bring us this news, but we’re glad he did. We suppose the least we can do is help get the word out that Overwatch 2’s Invasion begins on 10th August, where a new Support Hero, core PVP game mode, and additional Story Missions will be revealed.

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