How To Beat Griffins In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma has always been home to fearsome beasts. Itis the series’ calling card. Climbing an awe-inspiring monster while it tries to shake free of you is a tremendous feeling. Getting that final hit in and seeing the monster fall to its death is an experience rarely matched in other games.




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In Dragon’s Dogma 2, these battles are madeall the more magnificent. The risks are much higher, though the feeling of satisfaction all the greater. One of the most terrifying of these monsters is the Griffin, capable of swooping in at any moment. Keep your eyes to the sky (and this guide) to make sure a Griffin never catches you unawares.

General Strategies Against Griffins

In many ways, Griffins are the mascot monsters of Dragon’s Dogma. They employ a variety of tactics, can move between land and air, and, in general, put up an incredibly challenging fight.

One thing to always be aware of is your general location. If there is an open sky above you, a Griffin could appear. As such, make sure to periodically look up so you’re not snatched unexpectedly.

This is especially true while hunting animals, as
Griffins are attracted to larger corpses.

While in battle, Griffins will stick to the ground mainly while fighting you, assailing you with its talons and beak. If it feels overwhelming, it may take to the sky to reposition itself and dive in for a quick attack.

Another tactic it has while in flight is to snatch opponents and drop them from a height. Depending on how far they take you, this could be lethal. The best you can hope for is that a Pawn will catch you during your fall.

At certain points in the battle, Griffins may use their wings while surrounded to push away enemies with a strong gust of wind. This will lock you in place or even push you away if you’re light enough.

Griffin Strengths And Weaknesses

A Griffin descending on the party from the air in Dragon's Dogma 2


The foremost fact to keep in mind about Griffins is that they are effective both on the ground and in the air. For ill-equipped parties, this could make the Griffin an almost unassilable foe. Too much focus on ranged attacks, and you will be pummelled on the ground. Focus only on melee, and the Griffin will be functionally invincible in the sky.

Also of note is that while on the ground, the Griffin has no particular weaknesses. Though they are generally much easier to hit, they have no distinct elemental weaknesses or body parts that can be permanently taken out of commission.

Due to their large size, Griffins can also effectively control a crowd. Ganging up on a Griffin is a surefire way to get simultaneously demolished, so it is best to have some that can still deal damage at a distance.

A strength in an ironic sense is also the Griffin’s ability to flee. If it feels the battle is turning against it, it can simply fly away, and unless you have the aim and speed to take it down in mid-air, it is free to recuperate before coming back.

Latching onto a Griffin at this point will have it fly away with you, and
potentially bring you back to its nest


Despite their command of the skies, Griffins still have weaknesses they must be afraid of. The foremost of these is fire. While the element itself does not have any extra strength when used against Griffins, it has a devastating effect on their wings.

If the wings of a Griffin are specifically targeted with flaming attacks, be that fire-infused weapons or fire magic, then the Griffin will no longer be able to take flight. Even more potent is alighting their wings while already in flight, as this will cause them to plummet to the ground and take extra damage in the meanwhile.

At this point, the weakest section of the Griffin would be its head. If grounded, you should always be aiming for the Griffin’s head. For Fighters, the Empale attack is exceptional here and can deal incredible damage in a short period of time.

Ice can also effectively slow them down, though this will not affect their ability to fly.

Best Vocations To Fight A Griffin

A party of Pawns resting at camp at night in Dragon's Dogma 2

While it could be argued that a balanced approach is best against all enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2, this is especially true for the Griffin. A party fully consisting of a single type of vocation will struggle immensely against the Griffin, so a variety of ranged and melee should be utilised.


Can defend against many attacks with the shield such as wind gusts, while Empale is highly effective against a downed Griffin.


They can keep their distance from the Griffin at all times while attacking it while it is both in the air and on the ground. Tarring arrows are also helpful in setting its wings on fire.


Fire spells can be an immense help in burning the wings, while Fire Affinity spells can give other characters the ability to use the fire element as well.


Being able to climb the Griffin with ease and deal damage to the head is a great benefit, while being able to give themselves flaming weapons mean they do not have to rely on a Mage to be able to deal fire damage to the wings.

In reality, any vocation can be effective against Griffins though none will be successful by themselves. A well-rounded party with the ability to use fire damage will be the most surefire way to survive a Griffin attack and maybe even come out on top.

How To Lure A Griffin

A Griffin flying overhead in Dragon's Dogma 2 while an ogre lies dead beside the Arisen

Unlike most other monsters in the game, Griffins are rarely found on the ground, outside of resting in their reclusive nests. This can make it rather difficult to actually fight a Griffin when you want to on the chance you spot one in the sky above.

However, there are methods that can be used to lure them in. First is the simple act of firing an arrow at them. The Keen Sight skill is a great help in this regard, though even then, their height in the sky may be too far away for an arrow to reach.

Another method involves Oxen. Any wild oxen you find are already a consideration for Griffins, though a recently slaughtered Oxen is all the more attractive. With dead Oxen in the vicinity, a Griffin may feel fit to swoop in to eat it, offering you a chance to fight them.

The chances of summoning a Griffin are equally possible while riding in an Oxcart, so never be too at ease while using one lest you end up as a Griffin’s lunch.


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