How To Defeat Venom In Remnant 2

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When you’re battling a boss in a Souls-like game like Remnant 2, it becomes quite important to learn their attack pattern since you usually don’t have high health or shields to protect yourself from damage. This also gives a unique touch to every boss battle since you can’t simply keep hitting them until they’re defeated.



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If you’ve reached the Corrupted Harbor area in Root Earth, you’ll have to defeat a boss called Venom to progress the story. This is the second-last main boss in the game, and its quick attacks and damage make it very hard to defeat.

How To Defeat Venom

Apart from being able to dodge a boss’ attack, knowing their Weakspot is one of the most important things in Remnant 2’s combat. If you deal damage to a boss’ Weakspot, you can deal up to four times the normal damage if you score a Crit hit. This can make its health bar deplete much faster, giving it less time to defeat you.

When it comes to Venom, the Weakspot is quite easily spotted on its chest. Whenever you deal damage to this spot, your damage numbers will be in red. Unfortunately, the boss is floating in the air throughout the battle, making it impossible to fight with melee weapons.

Due to the boss’ high mobility, it’s recommended to use an Automatic weapon, which makes it less dangerous if you miss your shots.

Once you defeat Venom, you’ll get a craftable item called Dread Core, which can be taken to McCabe to craft a new item. The path to the final area of Remnant 2 will also unlock where you’ll fight the main cause of the world’s corruption. If you want to defeat Venom, it’s important to learn its attack pattern in different phases.

Venom Phase One Attack Pattern

Remnant 2 Venom Throwing Blade

Venom will introduce most of its attacks during the first phase of the fight itself. As soon as the battle begins, it’ll charge its sword for a couple of seconds and then dash in your direction. These attacks can be compared to the generic slash attacks of all the bosses you’ve faced, but you’ll have to dodge at the right second to avoid damage with these.

After the first dash, the boss charges again for a couple of seconds and then performs another dash, which can last even longer. Sometimes, the boss also puts the blade behind its head and then slams the ground with it, producing a bunch of roots from the ground. This attack can only be dodged if you dash right as the sword slams into the ground.

Remnant 2 Venom In Midair

If you get far away from the boss during these attacks, it’ll put the blade on its side and slowly float to you. As soon as it gets close, there’ll be a slash attack with a red aura following the blade. After this attack, the boss summons a red wave that quickly expands on the battlefield. Once again, these attacks require precise dashing.

Eventually, the boss will go up in the air and shoot fireballs and a group of small explosives in your direction. The fireball creates a field wherever it lands, dealing constant damage to anyone in it. On the other hand, the explosives get stuck to your body if they hit and then deal damage after a few seconds.

The boss might spawn some tree branches on the battlefield at random times, and these branches also launch explosive projectiles at you.

The Handler Archetype can be great to deal with this since your dog can get rid of these branches.

Venom Phase Two Attack Pattern

Remnant 2 Venom With Dark Aura

After reaching about 60 percent of its health, the boss enters the second phase where it mostly performs enhanced versions of its attacks from the first phase. For example, the slash attacks can now be performed three times. The third slash can be both long and short range depending on your distance from the boss.

Once it shoots the fireballs and projectiles in the air, it’ll now throw its blade in your direction. A moment after the blade lands, the boss quickly dashes to it and deals damage in a huge AoE. Once you dodge the thrown blade, it’s recommended to go as far away from it as you can and then constantly attack the boss.

Finally, the boss can also perform an airstrike where it gets a dark aura around it for a second. As the aura ends, the boss summons massive balls of fire on the ground that deal damage after a second. These can stagger you heavily and you’re as good as dead if you take a hit from them even once since you can get stun-locked.

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