How to Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error

Having dived deep into the world of Fortnite, I’ve personally faced the dreaded “matchmaking error,” and yes, I’ve tasted the bitterness of “Fortnite matchmaking error #1”. Let me tell you, it’s as if the game’s universe is conspiring against you, especially when all you want is to hop into the action. If you’ve stumbled upon this guide, it’s likely you’ve been hit by the notorious Fortnite matchmaking error, and probably more than once. Don’t fret, I’ve got your back, here are potential ways to fix this error.

Fortnite Matchmaking Error – How to Fix & Why it Happens

Every time I set out for a Fortnite session with my pals, there’s that little nagging voice hoping we don’t run into any matchmaking errors. Trust me, it’s as frustrating for me as it is for you! Matchmaking errors mostly occur when Fortnite is rolling out one of its shiny new updates and because matchmaking goes offline 30 minutes prior to the downtime for these updates. No one can be online playing while maintenance is happening.

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But, and there’s always a but, it’s not always Epic Games’ Fortnite servers throwing a spanner in the works. Sometimes, it’s the sheer number of us trying to land at the newest POI (Point of Interest) at the same time. Peak times, especially right after an update, can be hectic. Also, let’s not always blame the game. Sometimes, our internet’s just having a bad day. Yep, the Fortnite gods do get whimsical, causing some of us to not even get past the game’s boot-up screen. Fret not though, because I’ve wrangled up some tried-and-tested tips that have come to the rescue for many a player, myself included!

Potential ways to fix the Matchmaking Error in Fortnite

Ah, the dreaded matchmaking error. It’s like when you’re all dressed up and ready for a night out, but your ride’s nowhere in sight. A bummer, right? But fear not, my Fortnite-loving friend, for we’ve been through these battles (in the game and with these pesky errors) and have a few tricks up our sleeves.

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  1. Update Maintenance: If there’s Fortnite update maintenance happening, there is nothing you can do. Sit back and wait until the servers are back online!
  2. Check the Server Status: Before you hit the panic button, do a quick check to see if Fortnite’s servers are having a nap. If they’re down, well, it’s out of our hands. Grab a snack, chill for a bit, and hop on once they’re back. Keeping an eye on the Fortnite Status Twitter account will help!
  3. The Classic Restart: It might sound cliché, but the age-old “turn it off and on” trick has saved my butt more times than I care to admit.
  4. Change Your Matchmaking Region: If your local server’s throwing a fit, switch it up. Here’s how:
    • Pop open the Menu and dive into Settings.
    • Click on that gear icon, and there you’ll find the matchmaking region option. Give it a tweak!
  5. VPN Woes: Using a VPN? Try hitting pause on it. Sometimes, getting local helps.
  6. Time Traveling Isn’t Cool: Ensure your date and time settings are on point. Messing with these can send signals to the server that you’re from the future or the past.
  7. Android Enthusiasts: Rooted device? Fortnite might not be a fan. Make sure your device is as it was born to be.
  8. Developer Options Alert: For the tech-savvy out there, if you’ve enabled Developer Options on your phone, do a quick check and switch them off:
    • Sprint to Settings.
    • Find the Developer Options.
    • Flick that switch to OFF.
  9. Epic Launcher Magic: When in doubt, let the Epic Launcher work its magic. Verify the integrity of those game files, and it’ll patch up any issues in a jiffy.

Matchmaking errors can be a pain, but with a little patience and some handy troubleshooting, you’ll be back on the Battle Bus in no time. Remember, every game has its quirks; it’s all part of the journey. So the next time you face an error, give these solutions a whirl and let the Victory Royales roll in!

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