How To Get Dria’s Anklet In Remnant 2

As you progress in Remnant 2, you’ll eventually reach Losomn. This world has two distinct sides: The palace, which appears beautiful, shiny, and bright, and the neighborhoods, which have a sketchy and scary vibe. Like with other worlds in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to play one of the two main storylines.



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One of the locations in Losomn is Harvester’s Reach, characterized by dark, sewer-like environments. Here, you’ll encounter a character named Riewen, who stands out because he looks unusually sad and scared for an NPC in Remnant 2. This makes you curious to interact with him. Doing so kicks off the Dria’s Anklet quest.

How To Get Dria’s Anklet In Remnant 2

You can encounter Riewen near the checkpoint stone at the very beginning of Harvester’s Reach.

After you interact with him, he reveals that both he and his wife were captured by a beast, but he managed to escape while she did not.

Finding Dria

large bone piles where you can find Barghest the Vile Remnant 2

Riewen believes Dria is still somewhere in the dungeon, and he asks for your help in finding her if she is still alive.

Unfortunately, Dria did not survive. The beast hunted her down, and now you have to hunt the beast, Barghest the Vile. While exploring Harvester’s Reach, you need to keep an eye out for large bone piles with jellyfish-like enemies around them.

You will encounter multiple bone piles that fit this description while exploring the area.

Shoot all the jellyfish enemies on the bone pile, and then a rat-like enemy should jump out to attack you.

Defeating Barghest the Vile and getting the Dria's Anklet Remnant 2

Do the same with every bone pile you encounter until you get jumped out by Barghest the Vile, and it can be recognized by a red aura surrounding it. After you successfully defeat him, you will get Dria’s Anklet.

Return Dria’s Anklet to Riewen

Now that you have Dria’s Anklet, make your way back to Riewen and speak with him. You’ll have the option to give him Dria’s Anklet. Although he will be sad about the situation, he will thank you for your assistance and reward you with the Ring of Grace.

Ring of Grace given by Riewen Remnant 2

  • Ring of Grace effect: When you take damage from enemies, it will restore ten percent of your Maximum Health for ten seconds.

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