Review Roundup For Atlas Fallen

The studio behind The Surge and Lords of the Fallen is back with Atlas Fallen. It’s the newest action-RPG from developer Deck13, which is based in Germany and owned by Focus Entertainment.

Atlas Fallen seems to fall in the good, but not great territory over on GameSpot sister site Metacritic. The action-RPG has a 64 metascore at the time of publication based on 32 reviews. While critics note the story and overall gameplay might not do anything new, they generally highlight the fun combat.

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Now Playing: Atlas Fallen Advanced Gameplay Trailer

Originally, the game was planned to launch in May before Atlas Fallen was delayed to August 10. The action-RPG offers not only an open world, but also online co-op to fight monsters with a friend.

Additionally, Atlas Fallen features high-risk, high-reward gameplay that may appeal to Devil May Cry fans. Unlike the studio’s previous games, it is not a Souls-like. A combat trailer for the game released earlier this year showed off the Momentum system, which is related to how players customize their characters, too.

For more on Atlas Fallen–which will launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S–check out the reviews below:

ScreenRant – 4/5

«Atlas Fallen is a beautiful open-world adventure game covered with surfable sand and challenging enemies. Developer Deck13 previously made a name for itself with challenging action games like 2014’s Lords of the Fallen and The Surge series. However, the team has taken everything it’s learned to deliver a stylish action game that finally feels like a title that fully takes advantage of current-gen hardware and leaves the last generation in the dust.» — Jason Hon [Full review]

IGN – 7/10

«Atlas Fallen is a solid open-world action-RPG with plenty of platforming and large monsters to fight. Putting aside its weak story and the console versions’ gritty graphics there’s a hidden gem of excellent combat, robust exploration, and surprisingly deep customization to uncover in the sinking sands of its arid wilderness.» — Gabriel Moss [Full review]

Push Square – 7/10

«Atlas Fallen is a valiant effort from Deck13 Interactive that will go down as its best game so far. With fantastic traversal and a fun, engaging combat system, the developer has nailed the gameplay in every sense. What holds the experience back, though, is a lack of polish to iron out the technical issues and potentially long load times.» — Liam Croft [Full review]

RPG Site – 6/10

«Atlas Fallen is an average action-RPG with some interesting Momentum combat mechanics, a respectable open-world design, subpar presentation, and a disappointing narrative. In some ways, it feels like a step down from The Surge titles, and I’ll always look forward to what Deck13 works on next, but Atlas Fallen didn’t land as strongly for me as I hoped it would.» — Adam Vitale [Full review]

GamesHub – 2/5

«The first time you’re given the chance to surf down a sand-covered mountain in Atlas Fallen, it’s invigorating. You immediately want to do it again, and you can. Anywhere there is sand, you can surf, and slide, and leap great distances while admiring the stunning horizon. A moment like that doesn’t exist for the game’s combat. And when lacklustre combat makes up the bulk of Atlas Fallen’s loop, it makes it that much harder to work up the motivation to continue exploring everything else the world has to offer.» — Edmond Tran [Full review]

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